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Sun With Moon Japanese Dining And Cafe

Sun With Moon Japanese Dining And Cafe

Ready to shine rays of culinary delight on your dining table are Sun With Moon Japanese Dining And Cafe. The set-up here is straightforward: sunny café fare by day; refined dining options by night. One thing's for certain, the stellar quality of each dish will turn you into a regular quicker than you can say Potato Bacon Aspara Kurokosho Garlic Itame.  

Traditionally, contemporary Japanese

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The first thing to wow you is their range of menu items. Traditional options appear alongside modern twists on classics, all carefully overseen and crafted by renowned chef Toshio Sawai.

You would expect to find edamame beans and sashimi on any Japanese menu worth its salt. But Aburi Salmon Carpaccio and Foie Gras Millefeulle? Less likely. The millefeulle is a genius of a dish, as beautiful as it is tasty. Luxurious foie gras and sweet soy come together on that flaky millefeulle pastry – a genius fusion of Japanese/French delights. For dessert, how about another clever switch up, this time Japanese/Italian style, in Matcha Tirimisu.

From the top

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Unforgettable flavours and an inventive menu come as no surprise when you realize the chef behind the menu is Toshio Sawai. In the early 80s, Sawai set off on an illustrious career at the prestigious Kitcho Japanese restaurant, Kyoto. Between 1990 and 2000 Sawai further perfected his culinary art as executive chef at the highly regarded Suntory Restaurant.

This mastery of traditional techniques and modern concepts, a desire for unparalleled quality and a keen eye for beauty guarantees an unbeatable standard of Japanese dining. And you get that in every, single dish.

All you need

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Between 11:30 and 14:30 order in the incredible SUN Chirashi Don Set. It's a beautifully designed sushi bowl bursting with tuna, salmon, scallops, prawns and mackerel. And things don't stop here. The crispy addition of light tempura and a refreshing miso soup wrap everything up neatly.

Treat yourself to an outstanding dining experience with Sun With Moon Japanese Dining And Cafe and order in with Deliveroo.

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