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Sacha & Sons

When you're craving authentic American eats, it's got be good, pack a whole load of punch and send you straight to the streets of NYC. And that's just what you get at Sacha & Sons. Serving up traditional New York delicatessen specialties like smoked meat sandwiches and bursting breakfast plates, these guys know how to give you maximum taste and keep it coming.

Big Apple breakfasts


Meaty, mammoth American specials are something we all crave at one time or another. Whether you want a juicy burger topped with the best, or a fresh doughy bagel stacked with good stuff, Sacha & Sons make sure it's served up just as it would be in a stateside deli. Meats are mouthwatering, breakfasts are big and the sides are endless – just like they should be.

To start the day off right, a hearty breakfast is always on the cards. Whether you want eggs in every way imaginable, or a huge plate with all the trimmings, Sacha & Sons serve it right. Come lunchtime or for a casual dinner, they give you the very best of beefy burgers, topped hotdogs and street-style bagels crammed with incredible combinations like delicate smoked salmon with cream cheese, crunchy onions and capers.

The dream team


Having both lived and worked in New York City itself, the husband and wife team behind Sacha & Sons really do know their way around authentic US cuisine. They took their passion for true delicatessen specials and brought it to the streets of Singapore – and the people loved it. Nowadays, they're serving up their star-spangled goodies from two locations.

And they not only sport US deli style classics on their mega menu, they create them using traditional methods too. Meats are cured, slow cooked and smoked on the premises, to make sure that true American meat flavour is just right. So if you're dining with Sacha & Sons for the first time, you've got to tuck into a Classic Deli With Mustard sandwich to see what the fuss is all about.

A spoonful of sugar


What American eatery would be complete without sweet treats? And with Sacha & Sons taking authentic American cooking to the next level, you know their dessert menu is on the mark too.

You might be tempted by a classic New York style cheesecake, or even a classic apple crumble to tickle your taste buds, but why not try something with a twist? If the traditional Jewish dish, Matzo Brei topped with sweet cinnamon sugar, sticky jam and smooth sour cream can't catch your eye, then the Banana Crepe – filled with fresh strawberries and a drizzle of chocolate – certainly will.

For a hearty breakfast for one or super spread with friends, Sacha & Sons is the place for you. Check out their menu here on Deliveroo.

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