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Restaurant Resources to Make Your Business Fly

Restaurant Resources to Make Your Business Fly!

Deliveroo Singapore has launched a new Restaurant Partner Website consolidating all sorts of interesting and important information, so you can make the most out of your partnership with us.

What will you find there?

Welcome-to-Roo Pack

Everything you need to know if you're new to the platform: https://foodscene.deliveroo.com.sg/restaurant-profiles/restaurant-resources 

  • A tablet guide
  • A 101 manual with all basic information
  • Photography guidelines

Everything is provided in both Chinese and English and for tablet tips we've also listed a few video's.

Access Restaurant Home & Marketer

Home is where the heart is… but Restaurant Home is where you go to access tools to manage your account and discounts for your Deliveroo customers. Log in wherever you are to review sales reports, see customer feedback, performance insights, and get more information about features and opportunities to grow your business with Deliveroo.

Marketer is a self serve tool that allows you to set up your own Marketing campaigns and drive volume towards your menu. We've included step-by-step video guides to help you with the creation of your first Marketer campaign.

Having Operational Issues?

Do you want to improve your rejected order rate? Or do you want to have more info about how to improve your conversion rate (the amount of customers that not only click on your menu, but also place an order)? Use the Operational Issues tab to get tips & advice.

Want more orders in general?

There are a ton of options to market your product better on the Deliveroo platform. Based on the best practices we've seen so far we have consolidated info about Marketer, Social Media and Packaging under this category.

Visit the Restaurant Partner Website and find all the resources you need to make your business fly!

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