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Launching the first Restaurant Marketing Conference Event 1.0 !

Our aspiration is to give our partners more than just operational data and reporting. We want to build an industry leading tool that offers inventory and business management tools that will be critical to running your business. and These sit alongside actionable insights and marketing services that will increase sales;  restaurants running promotions through the self-serve marketer tool have seen sales uplift of anywhere from 10 – 40%. That is why last December we hosted our first Restaurant Marketing Conference to show restaurants how to get involved event!

What was the conference about?

Our main goal was to share the best practices on how to use our new tools:

·      Restaurant Home: Our self-serve portal for all Deliveroo Restaurant Partners to access a suite of tools and insights that will help them control & grow their business.

·      Marketer:  One of the tools in Restaurant Home that allows Partners to create your own promotion and learn from the data. Marketer gives you more control over how your business performs on Deliveroo.

Why Should I join the next one?

By participating to the conference, you will not only be introduced to our new tools but you will have the opportunity to meet the Deliveroo team in person, share your requested and feedback and …. on the Restaurant Home. We'll then pass this feedback on to the product team.


Who should come?

Our target audience is Marketing related roles within your business. As long as you are interested in tools that can grow your business: you are more than welcome! You can register your interest here.

We look forward to you for our next Restaurant Marketing Conference Event 2.0.

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