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OverEasy: Trendy Takes On US Classics


American diner food comes in many forms, from the super-hip pop-up to the all-night reliable spot. OverEasy lies somewhere between the two, serving up trendy takes on US classics while still catering to all your comfort food urges. If you love your burgers with a side of sass – and recommended by The Straits Times – this is the restaurant you've been waiting for.

Shaking up comfort food

It's no surprise that OverEasy specialise in comfort food – they take it seriously. At their core, they're all about food that makes you smile. Milkshakes come so thick you can hardly get a straw in, while the mac and cheese has three different cheeses, as well as béchamel.

And they claim to serve 'the hottest buns in town' with good reason – the To-Die-For burger has juicy wagyu-blend beef patties, gooey cheddar cheese, tomato and pickle, served in a soft brioche bun with their signature fries on the side. It's simple, without being boring. OverEasy will bring you Southern hospitality, Tex-Mex flavour and NYC trends all in the same package.

Breakfast of champions

The first meal of the day is the most important, which is why OverEasy serve their diner breakfast up all day long.  You've got chicken chipolata sausages for a lean take on the usual pork variety. There's sweet smoky bacon, Idaho-style potato hash with garlic and onion, and – of course – eggs how you like them. Would you rather pick poached eggs that ooze a little golden yolk, or fried sunny-side up? And let's not forget that mountain of buttered toast.

An OverEasy brunch and a strong cup of coffee, and you'll be ready to take on the world. And if you don't feel like eating breakfast till mid-afternoon – there's a reason they serve it all day.

The superfood heroes

OverEasy take American classics and mix them with current healthy, foodie trends. Think mouth-watering classics and nostalgic crowd favourites, but with a hipster twist. When you need a clean living lunch, you can smugly tuck into these serious superfood brunches.

Broccoli and avocado salad on a quinoa bed is served with a roasted lemon dressing and crumbled chunks of feta. Baby spinach and cherry tomatoes come with a poached egg and homemade honey dill vinaigrette. And a Pacific Northwest clam chowder has white wine, diced potatoes and bacon thrown into the mix, making this soup even more indulgent.

Order from  OverEasy Fullerton  or Orchard, ready and waiting to bring American diner dishes straight to your door through Deliveroo.

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