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Presenting NamNam Noodle Bar

Presenting NamNam Noodle Bar

More often than not, we dream of travel. And I'm sure Vietnam is one of those places. It's offerings in its foods are out of this world. But hey, since we're stuck here. Where can we go for a great quick fix? One place comes to mind. NamNam Noodle Bar.

NamNam Noodle Bar is a straight up no-fuss Vietnamese noodle bar. Boasting of classics such as Banh Mi, Pho and, fresh spring rolls. Situated in many convenient locations (Raffles City, Wheelock Place, Suntec City, Plaza Singapura) one does not have to travel too far for such a feast. Be warned though, the queue whilst waiting for a piping hot bowl of Pho is fairly long. Therefore, ordering from Deliveroo is a great alternative for skipping queues!


Owner Chef Nam was born in Vietnam and moved to Denmark when the country fell to the communist. His parents however, made certain that he would never forget his roots. Instilling him with the pride of a Vietnamese, Chef Nam set his sights on the culinary world often working in many prestigious hotels and restaurants. After many years of travels, he opened NamNam Noodle Bar and thus the rest as they say is history.

Pho-nomenal pho with beef slices and beef ballsDeliveroo

It does not matter whether you've been to Vietnam, PHO is such an iconic dish that you probably have heard of it. A combination of rice noodles and meat in a clear beef or chicken broth, finished with a generous serving of spring onions, sweet basil and onions. Sounds simple? It really isn't. NamNam's Pho is however, simply delightful. Flat rice noodles are warmed through with a delicious beef broth that is really light but full of flavor. Bones, onions and other spices are simmered for hours, thus creating this winner of a dish. I would highly recommend the brown rice noodles as it gives every mouthful as nuttiness that is distinctive to brown rice. A real PHO-NOMENAL meal.

Soy braised chicken noodles


NamNam's Soy braised Chicken noodles is impressive. Mee Pok (A Chinese noodle easily identified with its yellow and flat appearance) is tossed with shredded soy chicken and a sweet soy glaze that is just astounding. But wait, that's not it. This dish is topped with crispy wantons and fried prawn roll that adds this crunch that is just indistinguishable. A real teat and a delight to the senses.

Banh mi

This sensational sandwich, has all the best components that might propel it to the perfect quick meal. Crusty bread, fresh pickled veggies, and savory meat, there is indeed nothing better. NamNam's trio cold cut bahn mi is exquisite. Roast beef, beef and chicken pastrami are tucked in a golden French roll, with fresh pickled carrots, and cilantro. A real pick me up during lunch.

Small plates


These caramelized crispy wings are such a pleasure to nibble on whilst waiting for your mains. The sheen on the wings are like glossy like the sea. Sweet and savory in one bite. What could you ask for more? Amazing.

Green papaya salad


Fancy a salad instead? Here's one that's a real refresher. Tart green papaya shreds are tossed with tofu, and beef jerky in an Asian vinaigrette. Simple yet elegant, this clean tasting salad is a nice variation from the other papaya salads out there. You don't have to travel to Vietnam to grab an authentic meal.

Order via Deliveroo and we'll send the tastes of Vietnam to you!

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