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Presenting Philly Shack

Presenting Philly Shack

Philly Shack, a brand new American dining experience has energized the food scene in Clarke Quay area. Situated in the premise of its predecessor (The Butchers Club) lies an oasis of a familiar yet distinctive Americana comfort food with the emphasis on Philadelphia's cuisine.

Bread, meat and cheese each in a perfect combination becomes a sensational sandwich so good that it becomes synonymous with the city it was created in. No longer do you have to hunt for one when the craving strikes. All you have to do is to head down to Clarke Quay or order from Deliveroo and try the Philly Shack's Philly Cheesesteak.

The bona fide Philly cheesesteak

Before we get delve into the menu and its tastings, a little context: Zaqi a chef working for a Tex-Mex Restaurant for 5 years senses that a whiff of the changing tides is quickly approaching. His inner creative spirit suppressed by the years of cooking the same mundane menu is screaming out for freedom. Taking a leap of faith, he joins a new team, venturing into the unfamiliar terrain of Philadelphia's food scene. Envisioning what an iconic Philadelphian sandwich experience is, he delivers what honest American fast food is all about.

Philly Shack's Cheesesteaks is the epitome of a no nonsense fantastically messy sandwich. Perfectly seared juicy rib-eye is stacked with your choice of cheese (American, Provolone or Cheez Wiz) which is then encrusted in a fabulously crunchy yet soft bun. The classical option is undoubtedly the Cheez Wiz. This liquid gold cheese envelopes the steak in a blanket of fatty beefy flavor. Every bite is a testament of an authentic cheesesteak in Philadelphia. If the Cheez Wiz is too much of a diet breaker, the other cheeses compliments the sandwich without being overpowering allowing you to taste each morsel of beef.

Common toppings include sautéed mushrooms, green bell peppers, jalapeno, and caramelized onions. However, when combined together in a Captain Planet manner, the FULLY LOADED is thus created and it is indeed bloody awesome.

The Philly Shack menu


This American joint has all the classics – hot wings, Beer Battered Onion-Rings, Sweet Potato Fries and Burgers (both chicken and beef) just to name a few. The hot wings are coated with house-made habanero hot sauce tantalizing the taste buds while not being overly potent allowing the flavors of the habanero to shine through. The chicken burger is also astonishingly wonderful. Battered chicken thighs are served with grilled pineapple with a slather of the same house-made habanero hot sauce. Unconvinced? Think of our local favorite spicy chicken burger from the golden arches but on steroids. That's the Philly Shack chicken burger.

Their beef burger is also exceptional.  170 grams of beef nestled in between 2 gloriously toasted buns with caramelized onions, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and rashes of streaky bacon. This masterpiece is again a true testament to a great American cheeseburger.

Let's talk about sides. Fries are the undisputed kings of burger accompaniment. Be it regular or sweet potato fries, both are stars in their own right. Philly shack's regular and sweet potato fries all served with your choice of either blue cheese, cheese, habanero, BBQ, or honey mustard sauces. These sides are fresh, crusty and downright addictive. Regardless of that, crowning glory should be given to the sweet potato fries. Crispy, candy-like batons of potato are tossed with plum salt allowing the natural sweetness of the potato to permeate each and every bite. This hint of plum salt compliments the fries ever so slightly that one might miss it completely.

Another option quintessential to burger accompaniment are onion rings. Philly Shack serves badass (pardon me) onion rings. Golden brown and plump, there is little doubt that this knockout is a must try. These onion rings are paired with honey mustard that acts as a palate cleanser preparing you for another taste of heaven.

For a truly iconic Philadelphia experience, Philly Shack remarkably lives up to it name and if you want to try these sensational sandwiches, burgers and sides, order from Philly Shack on Deliveroo now.

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