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It's hard not to lick your lips in anticipation when a hot steaming pizza comes out of the oven – golden brown crusts, bubbling cheese, cherry red tomato base. We know we do. And even more so when the pizza comes from Pezzo.

This is on-the-go food made with style. And with three franchising awards under their belt, you know these guys are good at what they do. They've got everything from special toppings to a thick deep pan style base – so you know you're guaranteed to leave this place with a smile on your face.

A slice of life

Everything they serve up at Pezzo has a unique character and taste. All pizzas are prepared in sold slices, which means you could create a whole pizza made up of different slices – the choice is yours.

Should you not be in the mood for pizza there are other combination meals available. Perhaps you'll want to try a Jumbo Mambo, three tasty pizza slices of your choice, one side of creamy lasagna, 6 crispy spicy chicken drumsticks, as well as lip smacking hot wings.

A carnival feast

Pezzo's pizza experience is – in their own words – 'a carnival of fun and flavours'. And with a slogan like that, you know your pizza here is going to be all out awesome.  Starting out as a tiny outlet, we think their increasing popularity and now 25 locations speaks for themself.  

The pizzas are rolled, tossed, garnished and baked freshly every day to satisfy their customers' needs – and even accommodate special requests for those with something particular in mind so everyone can get in on the fun here.

Pizza particulars

There is no such thing as too much cheese – and that's a fact. This manifesto is strictly adhered to when ordering Pezzo's Cheesy Cheese pizza, which comes oozing with stringy mozzarella and sprinkled with a hefty dose of Italian Parmesan – now that's complete cheesy perfection.

A heartier feast than the Supremo is hard to come by. Wafer thin slices of light turkey ham and turkey bacon cover the base of the pizza, with bits of beef salami and beef pepperoni adding a zesty flavor. As if that wasn't enough, the meatiness is balanced out with earthy mushrooms and salty notes from black olives.

Take a trip to the tropics with the popular Hola Hawaiian. Turkey ham and crispy bacon is combined with rings of sweet pineapple and topped with mozzarella cheese –after crisping up in the oven the melted cheese and juicy pineapple is sure to make anyone shout aloha.

Are you sold on the slices? Get your freshly-made pizza from Pezzo and order it with a few clicks through Deliveroo.

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