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Why is your menu important?

Why is your menu important?

In an online world, the menu is your storefront. The quality of your menu is a key factor in setting your offering apart from other restaurants in your area and standing out to customers on Deliveroo. Once you've enticed a customer from the restaurant list into your menu, making sure the following elements are up to scratch will help you to secure that final purchase:

How to improve your menu conversion rate:

  • Photography for individual menu items. 

Using specific images of each item on your menu makes it as easy as possible for customers to decide which dish to order. In fact, individual items with images see a 6.5% uplift in menu conversion, compared to those without.

  • Restaurant description.

Use this brief sentence or two to give a quick but informative overview of what your customers can expect if they pick your restaurant.

  • Tagging.

Customers searching by tag have a specific dietary requirement or cuisine type in mind. Making sure your tags are accurate will boost your chances of securing customers who are specifically looking to eat type of food.

  • Modifiers.

How often have you picked up a pack of chewing gum you didn't know you wanted, whilst waiting in line at check-out? This is how modifiers work. The best way to increase your customer's basket size is to suggest additional items that they might want to add along with their main dish.

  • Menu Layout. 

You don't want to frustrate your customer by making them navigate through a long, disorganised list of menu items. Collecting your menu into clear subsections like 'Bundle Deals', 'Starters', 'Mains' and 'Drinks' will greatly improve their ordering experience.

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