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Determine your restaurant's delivery radii with Marketplace+

Expand your delivery with Marketplace+

Do you have your own riders? Now you can customize your delivery radius and deliver your own orders through our Marketplace model!

It's simple; customers can order from your restaurant through the Deliveroo app, and you deliver the orders.

Some features of the M+ model that are different:

  • There will be a remark on the consumer app to indicate that the restaurant will deliver their own orders, e.g. "Delivered by Restaurant X"
  • Minimum Order Value (MOV), delivery fee, and delivery radius can be customized accordingly by the restaurant
  • Delivery fee goes to directly to M+ restaurants and in the case of free delivery for Deliveroo Plus subscribers, Deliveroo will still cover this the delivery fee set by the M+ restaurants

Why adopt the M+ model?

  • Increase your customer reach by offering your food to consumers outside of the limitations of a fixed delivery radius
  • Ability to accept orders according to the availability of your own riders so as to minimize unhappy orders
  • Autonomy in controlling and managing your own fleet

If you have any questions about this new feature, please contact your Account Manager.

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