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Lime House

When intense flavour meets incredibly tender meat, you know you're dining Caribbean style. And when only Creole cuisine will do, there's always Lime House. Taking traditional Caribbean recipes and adding an element of Asian elegance, Lime House serve up the most authentic wholesome cooking this side of the Pacific.

Jerk chicken and a wholesome heart

Lime House knows good eats. Whether you dine in or order at home, you're covered for the finest Caribbean-style cooking in town. Twisting traditional recipes with a little East Asian influence, Lime House makes magic. The proof is in the pudding – or should we say starters.

To get your appetite going for all things jerk, you've got to try something to start. Because Lime House really do cook up a storm when it comes to their signature selection of starters. Take the Rude Boyz Wings, served extra hot or respectably mild and drenched in sticky sauce, or even the Mac Balls for a crispy comforting treat.

Caribbean cuisine in the heart of Singapore

It was only a matter of time before Singapore got its first authentic Caribbean place, and Lime House have certainly set it up right. In house, feel the vibe of the islands flow right through you – and when you eat, you can taste it too.

But you don't have to eat in to have the same effect. Each dish is built with a Caribbean core – like their Baby Back Ribs. This Creole classic is made as a mammoth portion and comes smothered in sauce. And for something with a home-style soul, Granny's Stew Chicken fills your boots and warms your heart.

Start small and make your way up

So you've spotted the starters and selected your main, now it's time to talk true Caribbean sides. Because every Caribbean meal is an occasion to celebrate – it's more enjoyable feast than speedy snack. And when a banquet is on the cards, you've got to serve everything with stunning sides.

Rice n' Peas is the backbone of Caribbean cuisine. Not only does this signature side fill you up, it works wonders with the one and only jerk chicken too. Fluffy and dressed with dried legumes, the Lime House Rice n' Peas is just the start. With creamy mashed potato options, a zingy lemon lime slaw and fresh salad on the menu, every order is easily dressed and perfectly paired.

For an authentic Caribbean feast and all the trimmings, make an order from Lime House with Deliveroo.

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