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Indline - The Indian Cookery

Indline – The Indian Cookery

It takes a lot to stand out in against the hordes of Indian restaurants in Singapore – yet Indline – The Indian Cookery does just that with their fresh, exciting and authentic takes on northern Indian cuisine. From quick, on-the-go kati wraps to luxurious meals with huge centrepieces – like whole chicken marinated in a rich, red spice mix and cooked in a traditional wood-fired tandoori oven – they've got it all.

Rice fit for a Mughal emperor

They've got everything you'd expect from an Indian restaurant worth its naan bread, from a creamy Chicken Shahi Korma to your spicier Lamb Vindaloo. They also have Pepper Chicken, Goan Fish Curry, Prawn Masala and Machli Masaledaar – tender fish in a zingy curry sauce.

We're huge fans of their biryanis, dishes of subtly spiced rice cooked with meat or vegetables. Their lamb biryani, simmered with crocus-yellow saffron and meltingly tender chunks of lamb, is topped with crispy fried onions. Biryanis used to be favourites of the Mughal emperors, so they've got pretty good heritage. It's hard to say no to all that history – not to mention all that rich flavour – isn't it?

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Indline takes the laid-back atmosphere of Indian cooking and pairs it with the fast-paced nature of Singapore life. Inspired by the vibes of Keong Saik Road, Indline is all about phenomenal food and dynamic service – and helmed by Ajim Khan, a former Executive Chef at one of Little India's most popular restaurants.

The menu mainly centres around dishes from northern India, places like Gujarat and Rajasthan. Dry curries and flatbreads like roti and naan reign supreme here, while lavishly spiced and subtly perfumed dishes brought from Persia by the Mughal emperors make for palatial feasts. Whether you're after a quick bite on the go, a light lunch at the office, or a more leisurely at-home feast, Indline will have something for you.

Vegetable paradise

There's also an impressive range of vegetarian dishes here at Indline. Paneer – a fresh cottage cheese – is incredible in all its forms. Whether it's marinated in masala spices and chargrilled in a tandoori oven to crisp and smoky perfection, or served with spinach in palak paneer, it's all amazing. We also think their Veg Jaipuri, with mixed vegetables cooked in cream and cheese masala sauce, hits the spot every time. Curry and cheese – what could be better?

Vegans also have loads dishes to choose from. Opt for a Kadhai Dubji – mixed vegetables tossed in masala and cooked in a wok – or stick with a classic and go for a Veg Jalfrezi. For us, it's the Aloo Methi, diced potato cooked with fenugreek, which makes for a great side or even dinner in its own right.

And what's a curry without the flatbreads. There's pillowy naan stuffed full of everything from garlic to coconut and dried fruits, and flaky paratha flavoured with mint, which are ideal for soaking up rich sauces and sweet chutneys.

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