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Delivering a greater customer service experience

Delivering a greater customer experience

At Deliveroo we are committed to being the best delivery partner to you. And that means providing a great customer experience so your customers order from you again and again.

We've now added a new feature to our app so riders and customers have the option to message each other in-app once the rider has left the restaurant and before they mark the order as delivered.

Why it's great for customers:

  • Last-minute delivery instructions: Running late? Need to give a rider an access code? Customers can now use in-app messaging to text their rider any last-minute information so the food arrives at the correct place.
  • No need to be on a phone plan: International travelers can contact their rider in-app using internet data.
  • Get in touch sooner: Customers can now message their rider as soon as they leave the restaurant, instead of waiting until they are closeby.

This new feature will help customers feel confident that they can contact their rider at any time during the journey, and that the food will be delivered to the exact location they are at.

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