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Chinese Restaurants Singapore: Four of the Best

Chinese Restaurants Singapore: Four of the Best

At Deliveroo, we know a thing or two about Chinese food. Whether it's dim sum, char siu or Peking duck, we can't get enough! Long gone are the days of overly-greasy, sparsely seasoned takeaways. Meticulously prepared, hunger-satisfying, home-delivered cuisine is here to stay. Here's a list of some of Singapore's Chinese food highlights that you'll soon be gorging yourself on.


Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao - Holland Village

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For the past twenty-five years, Crystal Jade has been serving up their mixture of traditional Chinese recipes with a modern gastronomic twist. It's this passion for Chinese food that has earned them their Michelin star, and their menu is packed with stand-out dishes. As a starter, it's hard to beat the pork dumpling with hot chilli vinaigrette. The sweet and juicy pork inside the soft dumplings is complemented by the hot and sour kick of the chilli sauce. For the main course, we recommend the sautéed diced chicken with dried chilli and cashew nuts. Tender chicken given a spicy kick and a delicious crunch.


Boon Tong Kee - River Valley

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Starting life as a small stall in Chinatown serving Cantonese chicken rice, Boon Tong Kee's popularity soon saw it grow into the popular restaurant it is today. The chicken and rice dish is a staple for anyone who orders from here - it wouldn't be Cantonese food without a little bit of spice and the dish comes complete with a flavoursome chilli dip. They might be famous for their chicken rice, but it's not all they do. The coffee pork ribs are crispy and tender with notes of bitterness and sweetness, to create a party in your mouth that everyone's invited to!

Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine - Great World City

Imperial Treasure's mouth-watering menu will have you sat in the window waiting for your takeaway to arrive. The hot and sour soup is an excellent starter and a pretty fantastic tongue-tickler of chilli heat with a bite. The charcoal grilled pork collar has a deep, rich marinade, further enhanced by being grilled over hot coals, so the meat stays tender but the marinade caramelises to create a delectable glaze. For the vegetarians among us, the braised spinach bean curd with assorted mushrooms is something to behold, with satisfying texture and bursts of natural flavour.

Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen - Ngee Ann City

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With a focus on Szechuan cooking techniques and recipes, Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen brings you the best gastronomic treats that the region has to offer. They have an excellent range of dim sum and their Szechuan traditional pau with pork is equally delicious. The steamed pau bread is light and fluffy and the flavour of the pork is lifted by the fragrant and spicy Szechuan peppercorns. Their house special is the signature Dandan noodles, a popular street food in the Szechuan region with a meaty flavour followed by an intense spicy hit. It goes together with locally sourced fresh broccoli, lightly fried in soy sauce to give it a satisfyingly salty edge.

Which is your favourite? Order through Deliveroo and have the best Chinese food in Singapore delivered right to your door.

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