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  2. Raffles City Restaurants: 5 of the Best
Raffles City Restaurants: 5 of the Best

Raffles City Restaurants: 5 of the Best

It's all too easy to get lost in the sprawling Raffles City shopping complex, so you'd be forgiven for getting overwhelmed by the dining options. But for those in the know, there are some hidden gems here. Go beyond the usual food court fare and taste the best of what Raffles City has to offer with these standout restaurants.

Brotzeit German Beer Bar & Restaurant

Brotzeit German Beer Bar & Restaurant brings a taste of Germany to Raffles City. You can order wunderbar German classics that will transform your home into a traditional beer hall. Tuck into a bowl of melty, oh-so-cheesy spätzle or warming goulash to feel cosy from top to toe. It's really all about the sausages here though. The spicy chicken sausages will knock your lederhosen off, while the pork sausages are grilled to juicy perfection. They're served up with authentic potato salad and plenty of sauerkraut.

Shahi Maharani

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Northern Indian classics like naan and tandoori dishes are cooked to a royal standard at Shahi Maharani. Start off with hors d'oeuvres fit for a king like aloo mint tinka, a supremely moreish potato cake with mint. Prime cuts of chicken or lamb are prepared in a traditional tandoor clay oven, infusing each bite with charcoal-fired flavour. Vegetarian tandoor dishes include paneer cheese or kidney bean kebabs. We can't help but keep going back for the bread alone, however. From tissue-thin chappati to a mega-rich, buttery roti, the tandoor-baked dough gets a gold star.


Dig in to down-home local dishes like char kway teow just like your granny makes it at Grandma's. This Raffles City favourite dishes up a full spread of curries, dumplings and noodle dishes when you're craving nyonya cooking. The mutton curry is simmered lovingly for 36 hours according to Nyonya Shirley's family recipe, and Grandma's chicken leg is marinated for hours before it's fried to a crispy finish. Wash it all down with your choice of refreshing juice options including malacco mango or a lip-puckering sour plum lime juice.

Marche Movenpick

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You won't find any basic pepperoni slices at Marche Movenpick. This European-style bistro features gourmet pizzas, served piping hot off the presses (or oven as the case may be). The rather classy selection of toppings includes combos such as prosciutto with wild rocket and parmesan, or smoked duck breast with hoisin sauce. Grilled meats, pastas, salads and savoury crepes round out the menu. Marche is also ideal for a simple coffee or tea break. There's an impressive selection of quality teas like Royal Assam and Earl Grey, which clearly go best with a Nutella crepe. Go on then, treat yourself.


Seoulroll specialises in 'kimbap', the Korean take on sushi. There's certainly no shortage of flavour packed into these seaweed rice rolls. Let's take the 'Seoul roll' itself as a prime example – it comes jam-packed with cucumber, carrot, pickled radish, egg, kimchee and luncheon meat. You've basically got a full picnic in a portable roll. Fillings also include everything from smoked salmon to spicy pork and even chicken bulgogi. Vegetarian options like spicy tofu or avocado rolls keep the herbivores among us happy, and the plentiful options mean there's something to suit all tastes here.

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