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  2. Marina Bay Sands Restaurants: Our Top 5 Picks
Marina Bay Sands Restaurants: Our Top 5 Picks

Marina Bay Sands Restaurants: Our Top 5 Picks

Deliveroo isn't just a food delivery service, it's a way of life. You want – no, you deserve – the best food bought straight to your door. You know good food is a basic human right, which may also be what makes you a Singaporean. We like our food here, and if the part of 'here' you call home is Marina Bay Sands, well, aren't you lucky, 'cause good food is just waiting to be delivered to your front door.

Here are our top five picks of the best Marina Bay Sands restaurants, so that you, oh great foodie, can practice your right to food without even putting a foot past your front door. What a time to be alive.

DC Comics Superheroes Café

Nothing says you've truly achieved something in life like being able to demand superheroes to answer your every whim. Want soup? Batman's very own cream of mushroom variety will be on its way. Want burgers? Superman has stamped his approval of the Smallville Original chicken patty in a brioche bun. Have a sweet spot for Wonder Woman? Then you'll love her Mocha Cupcake. DC Comics Superhero Café has everything you need to answer you hunger for justice, or quesadillas.

Crystal Jade Kitchen

When you get a hankering for dim sum, nothing else will do but these tasty morsels of perfectly flavoured, textured, cooked and presented deliciousness. Thank goodness Crystal Jade Kitchen has dim sum (and roast meats, congee and noodles) ready to send out straight to you. Steamed ha kau, siew mai topped with crab roe, salted egg yolk custard buns and BBQ pork buns are all on the menu along with roasted duck, pork belly and soya sauce chicken. Oh, and congee… did we mention the congee? Did we mention the chicken and duck congee? Too much delicious, too little time.

Copper on Stanley

Copper On Stanley brings a new level of foodie (drinkie?) sophistication to your door. Hand-selected sakes from all over Japan can be delivered to you. Forget the days of seeking out specialist stores, or having to enter pretentious conversations with experts trying to sell you the priciest bottle. Copper on Stanley is about quality sake, and spreading the word of sake's awesomeness. So, whether you want sake from Saga or prefer your alcoholic tipple to come from Aichi, Copper on Stanley seeks only to serve, handing out bottles of their speciality sake to our riders so they can send it to you with love.

The Manhattan Pizza Co.

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Hey, we may pride ourselves on bringing you the finest of all food, but sometimes a takeaway just isn't a takeaway unless you can get pizza out of it. The Manhattan Pizza Co makes sure you most definitely can get pizza, whatever way you want it. Half and half pizzas mean you can split your toppings, either with a picky partner, or just because they're all too good to choose from. Roast duck, Hawaiian, pepperoni and classic margherita can call top your pizza creation. Or opt for buffalo chicken or  char siew pork – not forgetting to add a side of mini fish and chips. Throw in a few bottles of San Miguel, Stella Artois, Corona or Heineken, and the perfect classic takeaway is achieved.

The Penny Black Victorian London Pub

You know what tastes delicious? Novelty. British pub grub in Singapore? Yes, please. When the excitement has worn off, you're still left with some very awesome food. So, even if you don't want to leave the house and enjoy the pub experience in-situ, you can still enjoy the very best aspect of it - the tasty grub, with The Penny Black Victorian London Pub sending it straight to you. Traditional English fish 'n' chips, bangers 'n' mash and, of course, traditional roast beef makes up the pub classics, and gastro pub dishes include tasty lamb shanks, tenderloins and the British fusion classic, chicken tikka masala. Early risers can enjoy some super-English breakfast options too, bacon butty anyone?

Hungry in Marina Bay Sands? Order today with Deliveroo.

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