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Halal Restaurants in Singapore: Our Top 5

Halal Restaurants in Singapore: Our Top 5


Not to blow our own horns, but we think we Singaporeans are pretty good when it comes to halal food. And Deliveroo is pretty good at it, too. We have plenty tasty options for you to indulge in, so don't be held back by non-halal eateries when you have these beauties to choose from:



Founded by businessman Rich Tan, PappaRich is on a mission to become the best Malaysian restaurant chain in Singapore. Their menu blends traditional Malaysian recipes with Chinese, Indian and Western favourites, for a varied and exciting selection that is just about impossible to resist. And best of all its 100% halal. While the competition in Singapore to gain the title of 'best chicken rice' is pretty hard-fought, we think PappaRich is certainly a contender. One of the sure-fire winners of the PappaRich's menu, though, is their Kaya toast. Thick, fluffy slices of Hainan steamed bread, toasted and topped with kaya and butter. There is no better start to your day.

Bali Thai

Bali Thai bring you a fusion of Thai and Indonesian food. Cherry-picking the best of both cuisines, they blend them together to create some seriously tasty treats. And it's all totally halal. Bonus. The Ayam Goreng are boneless chicken wings stuffed with chicken mince and Thai spices. The hard part is stopping yourself ordering more. If you're looking to up the heat then get yourself a bowl of tom yum soup. It's deliciously hot and sour and hits the spot, every time.

Kurry Korner

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Got a craving for a tikka masala? Then Kurry Korner has you covered, where the best in authentic Indian food is served up using all halal ingredients. The chicken xacuti isn't for the faint of heart but it is delicious for those who can stand the heat. Succulent chicken, individually roasted spices, creamy coconut milk and curry leaves come together in one tongue-tickling blend. If spice isn't your thing, then try the butter chicken. This meaty delight takes tender chicken and simmers it in a tomato butter flavoured sauce, accented with dry fenugreek leaves. It's rich, complex and massively moreish. When it's time for dessert, we recommend the gulab jamun. These delectable little milk dumplings are caramelised for a sweet coating and served with a fragrant cardamom syrup. The perfect combination of sweet and spice!


Because everyone needs pizza in their lives sometimes, Pezzo is being good and great by bringing halal pizza to you. Can you really resist a pizza called 'Cheesy Cheese' or 'BBQ Bonanza'? We don't think so. Feeling brave? Try the 'Flamethrower' – spiced chicken, roast onion, fresh chilli and mozzarella, covered in curry sauce. Or give your ego a stroke and order a pizza that matches your appetite – the 'Big Daddy'.

Krispy Kreme

Oh yes – what is life without doughnuts? Not worth living, is what. So thank goodness Krispy Kreme are a) ready to get doughnuts right to your door b) keeping them halal too. They're not the world's most famous doughnuts for nothing, you know – who can resist the Original Glazed creation? We know we can't. We can't say no to a Chocolate Dip Churro either, or a Rocky Road, and we definitely can't deny ourselves a box of 12 of Krispy Kreme's assorted treats. Neither should you, obviously.

Craving some of these halal goodies? Why wait? Order with Deliveroo and we'll bring them straight to you.

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