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  2. Clarke Quay Restaurants: 5 of Our Picks
Clarke Quay Restaurants: 5 of Our Picks

Clarke Quay Restaurants: 5 of Our Picks

Clarke Quay, prepare your stomachs, because your best local restaurants can deliver food right to you. So, let's just put those diets on hold and get down to some seriously good food:

Two Men Bagel House

Well, we're not going to say no to a restaurant that invites us to eat enough for two men in its very name. Two Men Bagel House takes freshly baked bagels and stuffs them full of your filing of choice. The Piglet bagel is probably the world's perfect hand-held breakfast with fresh romaines and frisée, homemade garlic aioli, hash brown, streaky bacon and a lovely, drippy sunny side egg, all on a sesame bagel. The salted bagel uses one of the world's favourite sandwich fillers – salt beef, complete with mustard, emmental cheese and gherkins. Or you could opt for the most classic of bagel fillers with the lox bagel - cream cheese, cured salmon, pickled onions and beetroots, capers and dill herb salad. Dig in.

Pies and Coffee

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What more could you want for a lunchtime solution than Pies and Coffee? Beef cheek, steak and nacho cheese, chicken mushroom and mushroom ragout are just a few of the tasty fillings available. There's also shepherd's pie on the menu, in chicken, beef and curry form. Plus, if pies aren't your thing, there's all day breakfasts, soup, quiche, burgers, pasta and salads on the menu – basically, this is your one-stop-shop for comfort food, any time of day.

Flor Patisserie

Cake. Don't question it. Don't argue against it. Simply accept it. Cake is the answer to all of life's problems. And Flor Patisserie is the answer to your cake-ordering needs. Every area needs a friendly neighbourhood cake shop, and Clarke Quay is particularly lucky to have this one to call its own. This French-inspired Japanese bakery (we know, is there a more powerful fusion in the cake world?) delivers some seriously sweet treats. We're sure you'll be particularly partial to the tofu chiffon cake, extra light, extra airy and extra healthy. Cacao Royale is what the more indulgent of you cake-lovers should be ordering – dark chocolate, hazelnut praline and chocolate genoise, topped with fresh fruit. And if we could just draw your attention to the cake called Chocolate Pillow, yeah, that's a thing that exists. Like you can even try to resist.

Cellarbration Alcohol Delivery

We couldn't not mention this life-saving restaurant on our list. Because nothing will make you happier to be living in a time when our riders can speed orders straight to you than booze on demand. Clarke Quay, you can enjoy knowing Cellarbration Alcohol Delivery has your back when it comes to spontaneous parties, unexpected good news or just a Friday night in. Beer, whiskey, rum, wine, gun, speciality spirits, champagne and mixers are all on the menu. Or, go for a bundle and let Cellarbration pack everything you need for some refreshing cocktails.

Neon Pigeon

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Cool name, cool food, Neon Pigeon offers modern Japanese food in a very stylish way. Laid back but effortlessly chic, this is one Clarke Quay food offering you definitely don't want to miss. The Tokyo Hummus with edamame and curry chips is pretty awesome, but the herb crusted tuna is where it's at if you're into your fresh fish and sashimi, and the Japanese crab cakes? Too good. The bacon, egg and cheese rice is pub grub like we wish the whole world made, with truffle mushroom, parmesan crisp and egg yolk garnishing this tasty creation.

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