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Deliveroo Food Market launches at Alice@Mediapolis

Deliveroo Food Market launches at Alice@Mediapolis: Have a taste of dining in the future

Decked out with iPads, touchscreen cubbies and screens in a teal facade, Deliveroo Food Market doesn't look like your traditional brick and mortar eatery as Deliveroo brings their kitchens concept to the next level.

About The Site

Deliveroo Editions are our delivery-only super kitchens, a revolutionary platform that enables our restaurant partners to reach new audiences in new part of the city. Initially set up as delivery-only kitchens, Deliveroo Editions has now expanded this concept to include dine-in areas, known as Food Market.

The first Editions site was launched in April 2017 in Katong, and the second a year later at CT Hub 2 in Lavender. Deliveroo's third site, Deliveroo Food Market, is located at ALICE@MEDIAPOLIS. This is the biggest site in Singapore to-date, with a 40-seater dine-in space, 10 kitchens, 5 self-serve kiosks and 12 automated digital cubbies. Deliveroo Food Market at ALICE@MEDIAPOLIS will offer consumers who live and work around the area a brand new food experience powered by technology.


In partnership with eatsa, a San Francisco-based technology automation company, Deliveroo Food Market at ALICE@MEDIAPOLIS features self-serve kiosks and digital cubbies for customers to pick up their food

The new technology streamlines the order and pick-up process, making it easier, seamless and fuss-free for both consumers and restaurants

Why Do We Do This?

The delivery-only concept offers restaurants a platform to grow their businesses and take their menus to a new location without having to incur the huge upfront costs of fitting and opening a physical restaurant space. If you're interested in joining us at Deliveroo Editions, please drop your Account  Manager an email and we'll be happy to show you around!

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