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Introducing Deliveroo Editions’ Tipsy Tapas

Introducing, Deliveroo Editions’ Tipsy Tapas

We love having that evening drink or party snack just as much as you. Whether you've got friends over, or want to stock up your fridge with delicious craft beers, we want to be there for you. That's why we've taken the best of our restaurants on Deliveroo Editions and paired them up with some truly awesome drinks. We're calling it, Editions' Tipsy Tapas!

To give you a taste, here are some of our favourite tapas and drinks we think you should give a shot.


Brussels Beer Project

Grab a bottle (or two… or more) of these Belgian craft beers. Three delicious flavours to savour over some tasty tapas and riveting conversation with friends. The Delta IPA, the Grosse Bertha, and the cheekily named Red My Lips.

The Delta IPA takes you on a tropical journey through brussels with notes of lychee and passionfruit. The Grosse Bertha is a delicious wheat beer, reminiscent of Oktoberfest with its well-rounded and warm curves. The Red My Lips gives notes of red berries and passionfruit once more, with special malts allowing it to have a great body.

Get these beers as part of a pack of 5 with the "Trust Me - I'm a Professional" pack for $38!


Colonel Gin

Legend has it the recipe was made by the Colonel for his men to drink before heading to battle. This fine Gin consists of more than 10 herbs but succeeds in finding the perfect harmony within complex aromas. The unique mix of botanicals consists of pepper, juniper, clove, thyme, lemon, basil, malt, lavender, cacao, orange and more! With 10% off the price, there's no excuse not to get some great gin, soldier!

Get a bottle of Colonel Gin from Editions' Tipsy Tapas!


Summer Fresh Rolls with Prawn and Chicken

One of our favourite editions restaurants is Pho Stop, dealing out great Vietnamese food from Editions since it began last year. Their Summer fresh rolls are a hit, a great dish to freshen your palate as you enjoy your drinks. Fresh Thai lettuce, mint, rice vermicelli, prawns and shredded chicken wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper served with homemade dip.

Get Summer Fresh Rolls with your drinks at Tipsy Tapas!


Traditional Grilled Satay with Peanut Sauce

New Ubin Seafood is a Singaporean institution that has been dealing out great Singaporean classics from Deliveroo Editions Katong. One of these favourites is a traditional Singaporean favourite that coincidentally goes perfectly with a good beer in hand. It's satay, grilled to perfection and served with sweet and spicy peanut sauce.

Get satay with your drinks from Tipsy Tapas!

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