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Pizza Matchmaking

Pizza Matchmaking

From football matches to birthday parties and one-hour lunch breaks, you can never go wrong with a classic pizza and soda. Canadian Pizza literally takes you places with its wide array of pizza flavours ranging from Toronto Chicken to Mexican Fiesta and right back home to the Singapura Special. Being spoilt for choices and deciding which flavour to go with might not be a pizza cake for all of us.

Deliveroo is here to help - with a colour-pizza match test to speed up your decision-making process and help you to try something new. Remember, do not think, just choose!


Red Colour


Our pick for you: Victoria Delight

Your joyful bursts of passion leave no room for the old or conservative. A brand new twist to pizzas, the Victoria Delight will quench your thirst for novelty. A seafood variety of golden crispy tempura and prawns topped with Canadian Pizza's very own creamy white sauce for the voluptuous flavour that lingers after the first bite. The sprinkle of fresh tomatoes, olives and capsicums bring out the natural sweetness of the seafood, giving you the perfect palate blend in one single mouthful - you will sea what we mean.

Black Colour


Our pick for you: Creamy Beef

Just as dark and mysterious with more to offer, the Creamy Beef Pizza laden with minced beef, soaked in white creamy sauce and topped with Canadian Pizza's specialty cheese mix, is truly a recipe of its own. Biting a chunk of its thick crust for the wholesome flavour burst, you find yourself caught off guard by a surprise spice kick.

White Colour


Our pick for you: Hawaiian

Simple, classy, with a generally open-minded optimistic appreciation for the simpler pleasures of life. Just as what you see is what you get, the bright colors of the go-to Hawaiian pizza from Canadian Pizza reflects its refreshing flavour. The fresh tomato sauce base wraps the classic turkey ham and bacon like a warm haven. Topped with diced pineapples for a fresh citrus punch, your taste buds are cleansed after every mouthful, leaving every bite tasting like the first.

Green Colour


Our pick for you: Beef Pepperoni

Honest and affectionate, people can easily rely on you and count on your instincts. Count on it, you cannot go wrong with a classic Canadian Pizza Beef Pepperoni. Biting into the wholesome thick warm crust, the fusion mix of mozzarella and Edam cheese from the Netherlands hits your palate like the wave of affection from every romantic first. The fine slices of pepperoni beef add a salty blend for balance, leaving a lingering taste of familiarity in your mouth after every bite.

Still undecided? Here is another pizza information for you. From now till the end of July, for every purchase of a regular Hawaiian, Beef Pepperoni or Turkey Ham pizzas from Canadian Pizza, you get to enjoy a bottle of coke at just $12. Hurry while the offer lasts!

Feeling hungry reading all about the pizzas? Head on over to Deliveroo now and see what amazing food is available in your area.

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