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  2. Big Flavours, Small Prices: Cheap Food in Singapore
Big Flavours, Small Prices: Cheap Food in Singapore

Big Flavours, Small Prices: Cheap Food in Singapore

We know you don't always want to splash out on an expensive meal, blowing your budget in just one (undeniably tasty) evening. Sometimes, less is more. Or if not more, certainly better for your bank balance. We're all about spending within our means, so here's five of Singapore's most affordable restaurants that pack a whole lot of flavour into some pretty tiny prices:

Pho Stop

Authentic street food all the way from Vietnam, Pho Stop serves up some of the cheapest, tastiest food around. What's pho, you ask? It's a traditional Vietnamese soup served with noodles, plenty of spices and either beef or chicken. Fine dining, this ain't. And let's be honest, that's a good thing. Because this rough-and-ready cuisine, packed with flavour, is perfect just how it is.

The beef shin is a sure-fire success (it's a classic, don'tcha know), while the grilled pork chop with rice and eggs offer a depth of flavour that you don't have to dig too deep to afford.

Spice Grill

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Spice Grill is Singapore's little corner of Northern India. It's the choice of foodies everywhere. And by foodies, we mean anyone who likes food. The butter chicken, served with a creamy tomato gravy, is wonderfully tender, while the yellow daal takes the humble lentil to the next level. Every mouthful carries with it an explosion of flavour that's sure to linger long in the memory.

Three Little Pigs Eatery

Want pork? You've come to the right place. Three Little Pigs Eatery serves pork by the bucketful. The signature pork chop on rice, served with eggs sunny side up and goma leek, might be their crowning achievement. It's thick, juicy and dotted with surprising twists of flavour at every turn. There's also noodles, soups and salads to choose from, if the pork isn't your thing.


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Who said authentically delicious pizzas had to be expensive? Not us. Pezzo offers a delicious range of pan pizzas that are just as affordable as they are tasty. There's options for traditionalists as well as those who want something a little out of the box. Choose between the Hola Hawaiian, topped with sweet pineapples (controversial!) and the Hot Chick, a spicy option with special chilli sauce, peppers, chillies and shredded chicken. Anyone else a little hot under the collar?

Collin's Grille Bento

Offering a delicious range of western food, as well as some Japanese favourites, Collin's Grille Bento delivers affordable flavour for amazing prices. From seafood and rotisserie meats to Java curry and bento, there's something for everyone. We love their prices, but we love their flavours even more.

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