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Ben And Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s

We all know Ben and Jerry's. There's a tub by our side during movie night, it's our companion on sunny days, and it's comforted us through those low points. But it turns out there's a lot more to the eye than just their ice-cream.

With around 200 stores in over 30 countries around the globe, Ben and Jerry's has certainly taken the dessert world by storm.

A variety of sweets on offer

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From frozen yogurt, sorbets, sundaes and custom cakes, Ben and Jerry's is passionate about all things sweet. Every one of these delights comes fully loaded with character and humour – not to mention that sweet taste that'll perk you up, no matter what kind of day you're having.

Whatever your sweet tooth is after, you're sure to find it in the depths of Ben and Jerry's menus. For us, it's the Chocolate Fudge Brownie every time. Cake and ice-cream – what could be better?

If you're not feeling complete chocolate therapy, opt for a classic Vanilla, or Strawberry Cheesecake – this one's got graham cracker pieces and strawberries folded in, for a taste of summer all year round. And if you're after something ice cool but without the extra calories, you're in luck. Ben and Jerry's sorbets are a perfectly light option – we love the Berry Berry Extraordinary Sorbet with its vibrant swirls of blueberry and raspberry.

The company's roots

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Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are the two guys behind it all. Childhood friends from Brooklyn and both disillusioned by education – Cohen dropped out of school, and Greenfield was turned down by medical school – they took a course on ice-cream making at Pennsylvania State University's Creamery in 1977.

Fast-forward a year and the first Ben and Jerry's opened in Burlington, Vermont – and the rest is history.

Alongside being committed to all things creamy, they also give some love to the environment. Not only do they use eco-friendly packaging, they're also opposed to using milk-boosting hormones in cows, and are committed to making their products GMO free.

Only the chunkiest scoops

While it's the taste of their ice-cream that keeps us reaching for the tubs, it's their unique chunky goodness of Ben and Jerry's that keeps them way ahead of the crowd.

The signature chunky style is not an accidental or arbitrary choice for these guys. Ben has severe anosmia – a lack of smell or taste – so relies on texture for his culinary experiences. When it came to taste testing, the trademark chunks were the perfect solution. The classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is stuffed full of doughy balls and chocolate chunks, so you get a mix of textures in every bite.

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