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An Interview with A Poke Theory

An Interview with A Poke Theory

Today is not just about showering Mum in flowers or her favourite food, of course that's not a bad way to celebrate but it's a time to show appreciation for her love and patience for bringing you up! And if you have the best Mum in the world (of course she is, all Mums rock!) then we're sure that her life lessons and teachings growing up have made an impact in your lives today.

For Vanessa and Joey Lee, the sibling duo behind hit poke restaurant A Poke Theory and evil twin Alter Ego, their mother was the inspiration behind their business ventures.

My mother; the inspiration

Vanessa's mother started a business when she was thirty years old. Her drive and persistence has successfully won her awards growing her business to greater heights which is probably where she got her entrepreneurial spark from!

"She [my mother] has always taught us to be independent and self-reliant from a young age, and any success that my brother and I are at this young age, are owed to the best upbringing we had as kids."

Vanessa and her brother were also lucky enough to have the opportunity to explore different restaurants and share their enthusiasm with their Mum about food which no doubt pushed them further into the food industry….Thank you Mama Lee.

"My mum was always forcing me to try new foods (she would threaten to take away my pocket money if I refused to take a bite of something foreign as a kid) - so that was one thing! She was also always cooking meals for us, and there's nothing ever like mom's cooking."

Like mother, like daughter


Following in her mother's footsteps, Vanessa's tenacity in the workforce brought her two popular food joints in Singapore giving her the GAL BOSS title at only 24-years-old. Yes, that is not a typo.

"People tend not to take you seriously when you say you're 24 and planning to open your own restaurant. To this day, I've had people assume I don't do much - that the managers run the shop, some accounts person does our numbers, interior designers do our aesthetics and our brand & marketing efforts...well, just appear somehow haha, when in fact it's the total opposite."

In fact, Vanessa is midst of relocating to Australia with her fiancee to get married (congratulations!) and is continuously working on moving her businesses to online so she can work remotely instead of handing it to someone else.

"If I hired anyone and everyone to do all the different things for me - of course it'll be a breeze, but I also wouldn't have any pride in calling it my business."

Nothing stronger than a mother's love


The next time you order from A Poke Theory or Alter Ego know that it originated from a mother's love and hard-work - and there is no better love than food that stemmed from Mum. And if you're thinking of starting your own venture, don't get discouraged, always have the confidence to work on yourself.

"I was afraid to set targets, and just went 500% into my work as usual until the results shone through to everyone. I spent a lot of time worrying about things that I didn't need to worry about."

What is the best advice your Mum has ever given you?

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