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Presenting American diner - One Night Only

One Night Only

Located at the intersection of River Valley and Zion Road sits a brand new establishment in the American Diner scene. This new kid on the block (quite literally) serves a plethora of good ole

American diner classics. One Night Only offers the following spreads; Blacked Catfish, Nashville Fried Chicken and even Chicken Fried Steak just to name a few.

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Diner comforts

From the company (and friends) that is behind Muchachos; a Cal-Mex Burrito bar tells a tale of 2 friends journeying through 13 cities across the United States sampling the different American classics, from Texas to New York in only 13 days. At every hotel, the receptionist would ask "How long will you be staying with us?" To which they replied; "One Night Only!" And so the diner experience was born!

Buttermilk fried chicken


Do I honestly need to say more? The quintessential benchmark of a great diner experience is in the ability to cook fried chicken. Where others have tried and fail, One Night Only does not. This buttermilk fried chicken is succulently delicious, with a crisp coating of batter that is the bane of our existence if we were being honest. Coleslaw would be a great accompaniment to this dish. The fresh slaw adds a burst of citrus flavor which acts as a palate cleanser allowing the chicken to be the real star of the show.            

No-frills cheeseburger



This beef burger is quite exceptional. Hearty beef patty or patties (depending on the number you order) lies snugly in between 2 golden toasted buns. With minimal seasoning, the burger itself is left to shine revealing the great beefy flavor that one can derive only from the right Millard reaction. This is one not to be missed. Let's talk Onion Rings. Crunchy and golden brown, these rings are sweet and downright delicious. There is little doubt that this knockout is a must try.

Chicken fried steak


This item rarely seen here in sunny Singapore is a treat. One Night Only's Chicken Fried Steak features a tender cut of steak that's breaded and deep fried like an order of a buttermilk fried chicken.  The steak itself was huge, juicy and very much flavorful.  Now the only accompaniment that should go along is the biscuits and gravy. When smothered on, the steak takes on a different dimension. Creamy yet peppery, it complements the dish entirely attuning to all of your senses.

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