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International Women’s Day: Aloha Poke

Aloha Poke

International Women's Day has been occurring for more than a century and is continuing to grow from strength to strength. A collective day for global celebration, on the 8th of March we celebrate the social, economic, and cultural achievements for women all around the world.

We're kicking off the week with an inspiration series from women in the F&B industry who deserve a standing ovation for being kick-ass and of course being a part of some of the greatest restaurant names in Singapore.

Introducing the women behind Aloha Poke

With the recent uprise of poke bowls in Singapore, there must always be a leader to which co-founders Selene

Ong and Lee Yue Xian called it, Aloha Poke. Much like the name suggests, it is little-Hawaii giving a little wave to Singapore with an all-in-one nutritional bowl packing a powerful punch, and of course, sunny spirit. Mahalo.


Having a little bit of Hawaii wherever you go…

Much like a dream we all have to be on a permanent holiday, Selene and Yue Xian decided to find a way to eat like you're on holiday, everyday. After discovering the Poke in Hawaii, they wanted to spread the poke joy to the Little Red Dot, and from the bottom of our hearts, we say thank you!.

"Poké is traditional Hawaiian Food and it could be found in every nook and corner of the island. From Supermarkets to high end restaurant, this unique raw fish dish was the staple for all! It was delicious on its own, but for a full meal it can be consumed over rice and salad. We call it "love at first taste"".

And what great love is is.

With Singaporean's love first love for rice and sashimi, and their continuous journey to search for delicious food, Aloha Poke knew that a poke bowl would be the happy ending we've all been looking for.

With family, there's always food and love

For both Selene and Yue Xian, it seemed like a national transition to own a food establishment since growing up around food has revolved around family. With a Peranakan grandmother, Selene has seen the importance of having the right ingredients brings together a dish.

"It had to be fresh, and sauces must be made from scratch! Every meal made supervised by her was a "Tok Panjang" (feast)."

Similarly for Yue Xian whether there was a big gathering or a cozy setting, food was always the main staple and is now even being passed down a generation.

"As a child I was always told to eat more, eat more! I just  grew up learning to eat, now my daughter too!"

This International Women's Day, celebrate yourself!

With the question, "who is your role model" you can definitely expect to find a strong-headed, independent woman in the family whether it's a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt.

And honestly, we can't find fault in that because that's what International Women's Day is about, celebrating the women in our lives who have made you, and us, into the women we are today.

However sometimes you can forget to celebrate yourself, and it's a leaf we should take from Selene's book. "Believe in yourself! To always try new things and learn from experience"

Hear, hear girl! If you feel you haven't been celebrating yourself recently - perhaps you should take a day to pamper yourself and celebrate your accomplishments. Whether you spend it at home with a movie and Deliveroo (cheeky!), or a day at the spa - it's important to focus on yourself, after all International Women's Day is your day too!


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