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Join our $12 menu campaign

Join our $12 menu campaign

Join our $12 menu campaign, by adding $12 meal-sets to your existing menu in order to boost sales and grow your customer base.  

Give your customers great value and added convenience! Put together a combo meal of your choosing (i.e. Main + Drink or Main + Side) priced at $12 and we'll feature it on our platform.

Join today and your whole menu will enjoy increased visibility, showing up in the 'Offers' tab in-app, inclusion in in-app banners, eDMs and social media marketing.

Every month we'll feature the three best value meal-sets to feature in a video we create, to get even more exposure.


Create an offer for June here or get in touch with your account manager to get signed up for July onwards or to discuss any other offers you'd like to run!

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