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Ramadan Sets with Deliveroo!

Ramadan sets with Deliveroo!

Ramadan is the month of fasting and Iftar is the meal that is celebrated with friends and family at the end of each day's fast. Whether it's a big gathering of friends, or a quiet meal with family, we at Deliveroo want to help make Iftar a feast for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Here are some of our favourite Ramadan Sets you can get on Deliveroo!

Wait, there's more! Stand a chance to win one of five sets of Fish & Co.'s Ramadan Feast, if you use the code RAMADANROO with any Ramadan Set from any of our participating restaurants!* *You must use the code by 22nd June to be eligible.

Ramadan Sets

Fish & Co.


Fish & Co. has been dishing out awesome seafood with a twist and their Ramadan set for 2 is no different. It brings together an eclectic mix of local and western tastes, with uniquely Singaporean twist on western dishes.

Front and centre of this set is definitely the Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti. A tantalizing plate of spaghetti smothered in sauce and crowned like a king with fried soft shell crab. Partnering this is Fish & Co.'s signature Singapore Fish & Chips. A local twist on the traditional British delicacy, this dish adds our local favourite homemade chilli crab sauce, to spice up the recipe. Breaking your fast with this is definitely a treat.

By using the code RAMADANROO when you order a Ramadan Set from any restaurant, you could win one of five Ramadan sets from Fish & Co.! You must use the code by 22nd June to be eligible, so order now on Deliveroo!



FatPapas, has that same great Fatboy's taste, but now Halal so you can enjoy a great juicy burger from FatPapas at Iftar! FatPapas has put together the Together-Gather platter for you to gather together with loved ones and enjoy.

The platter can feed four hungry humans, and comes with a Country Fried Steak topped with cheesy bechamel sauce, Beef Ribs that roll right off the bone, Chilli Chicken Boners that pack a punch, with sides of Chilli Queso and Corn Chips and of course, a basket of classic french fries. Most importantly, you get 2 burgers of choice.

We recommend getting the Black Peppercorn Burger. Think of a classic beef burger with a juicy, meaty patty, coated in fresh black pepper, and topped with crispy onions. As if that wasn't mouth-watering enough for you, think of all of it smothered in FatPapas hearty house special black peppercorn gravy, so the entire assembly consistently has that black pepper kick.  

Need a burger for Iftar? Order now from Deliveroo.

Eighteen Chefs


Eighteen Chefs is serving up 2 different Ramadan Sets with Deliveroo, so whether you're celebrating Iftar with your family or a big group of friends, you'll always have a choice.

The Fiesta Meal which is good for 3 to 4 people, comes with 3 main courses of your choice, 1 Potato & Apple Salad, French Fries, Double Cheese Fries, 4 bowls of soup, and 4 canned drinks.

If you've got a bigger group of 5 to 6 people, get the Mega Meal, which comes with 5 main courses, with the centerpiece being their Snack Platter. This resplendent golden brown mish-mash of calamari rings, onion rings, popcorn chicken, chicken nuggets, and fish nuggets, sits so comfortably in the middle of the table. It's too bad you're probably not going to see it for long. It's usually quickly snapped up by those around you, so don't be ashamed to take the inevitable 'paiseh' piece.

Get an Eighteen Chefs Ramadan Set from Deliveroo.

Penang Culture


If you're looking for more regional flavours for Iftar, Penang Culture brings to you Nasi Ampeng for Ramadan. It's just the right size for 2 to share, and we're in love with this colourful mix of tastes, strong enough to satisfy your palate.

Here's just some of the different tastes we enjoyed with Penang Culture's Nasi Ampeng set. We loved the hearty and meaty serving of Mutton Rendang, their spicy fresh Sambal Prawns, a local favourite BBQ Stingray, and the Assam Curry Gravy for that balance of different spices.

If you're looking for this variety of flavours and spices, order it now for Iftar on Deliveroo.

Texas Chicken


For as long as we remember, we've always had a love affair with crispy fried chicken. Texas Chicken's Ramadan Party Set gives you that chance to share that love over Iftar.

The Ramadan Party Set truly is fit for a party. Feast on 8 pieces of their trademark juicy Chicken (Original or Spicy), 8 pieces of Tenders (Original or Spicy), 4 Honey-Butter Biscuits, 6 Regular Fries, and 6 cans of Coca Cola®. We especially love their spicy fried chicken, with its crispy skin giving that satisfying crunch with each bite, wrapped around its juicy flesh clinging on to the bone of the drumstick. Their Honey-Butter Biscuits too, are a highlight. Each bite into each piece is a savoury delight, a perfect way to end the day.

Have a Ramadan party with Texas Chicken on Deliveroo.

Wing Zone


Wing Zone's buffalo wings served in their countless different sauces is an absolute treat. Who knew that chicken could be marinated in so many different ways? Wing Zone is offering a Ramadan Set with 25 Boneless Wings served in 2 flavours, with Jumbo Wedge Fries, 1 1.5L bottle of Coca Cola®, and a complimentary gift of dates to break the fast with.

We suggest getting either the Sweet Samurai sauce for a more asian twist, or the Nuclear Habanero sauce if you're feeling adventurous. With the Sweet Samurai sauce, each wing is glazed over with soy, honey, ginger and teriyaki, a tantalising mix of sweet and savoury textures. If you have the stomach for spiciness and need more than just a kick for your meal, we challenge you to try their Nuclear Habanero sauce, the spiciest one they have on the menu.

Whichever 2 flavours you finally decide to get (there are so many), we're sure you'll love Wing Zone's Ramadan Set. Order it now from Deliveroo.

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