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Meals From The Dark Side

These are the meals you're looking for.

Keep your blasters at the ready and may the force be with you because here comes The Dark Side menu on Deliveroo, just in time for you to catch the next episode. We've assembled some of the darkest foods that will make any dark lord blush. From black bun burgers to black crust pizzas, you'll find that the dark side is strong with this one. Find out more about our Dark Side menu below!

Galaxy MilkshakeDeliveroo

On your way to the Tosche Station?

Get some blue milk! Star Wars fans have been enthralled by blue milk since it first made its appearance in A New Hope. The same milk that nourished our moisture farmer before he became the hero we all know is now available for you!

Titled the Galaxy Milkshake, get some from either The Daily Scoop or Once Upon A Milkshake and fuel your trip to get some power converters! The sweet vanilla flavour of these cold milkshakes will send you straight into hyperdrive.

Get the Galaxy Milkshake (Power converters not included) on Deliveroo!

Pezzo - Trufflin' Truffle Mushroom PizzaDeliveroo

That's No Moon…

That's a pizza! Specifically, it's the Trufflin' Truffle Mushroom pizza from Pezzo. Full of succulent button and oyster mushrooms, with stringy mozzarella cheese on a bed of creamy carbonara sauce, drizzled over with aromatic truffle mayonnaise. This pizza with its black crust is bound to pull you in faster than you can say "I've got a bad feeling about this…"

Order yourself the Trufflin' Truffle Mushroom Pizza from Pezzo on Deliveroo!

Magosaburo Cafe - W. BurgerDeliveroo

No. I want your Burger.

Featuring the W. Burger from Magosaburo Cafe a black bun wagyu beef burger with its side of fries. There are no surprise parentage reveals here. Bite into an assembly consisting of a juicy premium wagyu patty topped with cheese, crunchy veggies tempura (a mix of pumpkin, carrot, and sweet potatoes) and homemade coleslaw.

Escape surprise parentage announcements and order from Deliveroo!

May the Forks Be With You.

Look out for the tag "The Dark Side" on Deliveroo to see what's available! From sandwiches to paella, there are a whole host of restaurants ready to tempt you over to the dark side. All we can say is to wish you a great meal, and May The Forks Be With You.

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