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Wings to die for over Wing-It Wednesday

Can’t decide what to eat? Wing-it.

Wings, glorious wings. Everyone's favourite guilty pleasure. What better way to kick off the year than with a sumptuous helping of chicken wings, finger licking included. We're welcoming the new year with 50% off your favourite chicken wing havens for every Wednesday in January. Simply look out for the tag 'Wing It Wednesday' to see what's available.

Here are 5 of our favourites that you can get every Wednesday. Make Wednesdays a treat, and wing it with these delights on Deliveroo.

Chicken Up


Oppa Yangnyum Style.

When we think chicken wings, one of the first names to come to mind is Chicken Up. The Korean chicken craze as we know it is still in full force, and it shows no sign of stopping. That's how you know it's not a fad. Dig your fingers into juicy spicy Yangyum style chicken wings if you dare. If not, there are always other options that are just as spicy. Just remember to arm yourselves with gloves to protect your fingers from getting too dirty (unless you like it that way…).

Get some sumptuous chicken delivered to you for 50% off on Deliveroo!

Garang Grill


Singapore swings.

From the geniuses of New Ubin Seafood, comes Garang Grill with a scintillatingly sweet platter of honey butter wings. Juicy, sweet, and most of all, tasty. If you like your wings sweet and caramelised with honey, this will be the perfect platter for you. Get it at just $7.50 (u.p. $14.99) every Wednesday!

Dig into some Honey Butter Wings with Garang Grill on Deliveroo!

Los Jefes


Mexican madness.

Up for a fiesta? You'd be surprised that Mexican cuisine (more famously known for burritos and tacos) can boast a mean plate of chicken wings. Enter Los Jefes, with their Valentina Wings. 8 pieces of deep-fried, juicy wings tossed in sweet and sour special Mexican valentina sauce, accompanied with a helping of ranch dipping sauce.

Get your Mexican fiesta from Los Jefes on Deliveroo!

Cali Singapore


California sunshine.

In the rainy and haphazard Singapore weather, it's great to get some consistency with the California sunshine, and Cali Singapore's specialty, their deep fried chicken wings. Juicy, tender, and sweet, these wings will perk up your Wednesdays, just when the week is starting to feel too long.

Get yourself Cali's specialty chicken wings from Cali Singapore from Deliveroo!

Two Blur Guys


Focus on the wings.

Two Blur Guys are best known for their burgers, which are pretty good. Little did you know that this humble little store could do great things with chicken wings too! With 50% off their spicy chicken, their tantalizing buffalo wings, and their garlic parmesan chicken, it seems these blur guys have focused on what makes us hungry!

Get chicken wings from Two Blur Guys with Deliveroo!

Alt. Pizza


Wings and slice, and everything nice.

Some great pizza needs a great bucket of wings to complement each slice. With Alt. Pizza's zany and innovative pizzas, it's great to return to something familiar. Enter Alt. Pizza's Alt. Wings. Crisp chicken wings tossed in hot sauce with blue cheese dip to balance. Get 50% off your alt. Wings with every pizza you order!

Get some Alt. Wings on Deliveroo!

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