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Winter Is Here.

With the new season of Game of Thrones upon us, it's time to snuggle in for the long winter (i.e. set your airconditioning to full blast). Jon Snow and the rest of Westeros may be dealing with the night walkers, but lucky for us, we can enjoy it all from the comfort of our couch. Here at Deliveroo, we've dug into our extensive knowledge of all six seasons, and have conjured up with feasts for a king. After all, all men must dine.


Braserio Restaurant

Tyrion's Skewers

Us fans remember when our favourite Tyrion Lannister went on a murderous rampage, ending with a murder in a toilet with a crossbow. Let's try to keep this as spoiler free as possible and say that some meat (or rather someone) was skewered on a crossbow bolt, just like Braserio Restaurant's Tyrion's Skewers. Each skewer is laced with juicy, oily beef, skewered with red and green peppers for a crispy contrast. While Tyrion is now sailing for Westeros with the Mother of Dragons, we can fortunately sit comfortably and feast on juicy skewers, without having to kill for them.

Get some of Tyrion's Skewers from Braserio Restaurant, only on Deliveroo!



Joffrey's Wedding Slice

Weddings in Westeros are events to be avoided, if the last two in the show are anything to go by. While Joffrey's wedding to Margaery Tyrell was descending into tragedy, one thing that crossed our mind was what would happen to all that wasted cake? The answer: it manifested in Cedele of course! Cedele's Chocolate Truffles have been given a royal reception, fit for the wedding of a king. Each bite is a rich indulgence that will satisfy any sweet tooth, no matter what time of the day. You might want to check your chalice before drinking to wash the cake down though, just in case.

Get some of Joffrey's Wedding Slice from Cedele, exclusively on Deliveroo!


Hard Rock Café

Drogon's Breath

When Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, uttered the words "Dracarys", her dragons rained fire on their enemies. No one was spared. It was a powerful moment but somehow, all we could think about was how useful a dragon would be to sear some juicy meat. The folks over at Hard Rock Cafe shared the same sentiments and have taken their Hickory-Smoked Ribs and given it the dragon treatment. Feast on the savoury ribs with tender meat that falls right off the bone. Each rib will have you licking your fingers clean of BBQ sauce until all that's left are bones. If only Daenerys' enemies were so lucky.

Pamper yourself to Drogon's Breath from Hard Rock Cafe, just on Deliveroo!


JINJJA Chicken

Revenge: Tastes Like Chicken

The Hound is one of the most fearsome warriors in all of Westeros. When he asked for chicken and didn't get any (resulting in more death), we thought we'd change that. JINJJA Chicken came to the rescue, with a bucket of twenty Korean fried chicken drumsticks that will satisfy even Sandor Clegane. Each drumstick is fried to perfection, marinated with thick savoury sauce. Biting through the crispy skin only reveals tender, juicy meat, ripe for the taking. All we're saying is, if The Hound had gotten JINJJA Chicken, maybe he wouldn't have been so violent.

Get a bucket of twenty JINJJA drumsticks from JINJJA Chicken, only on Deliveroo!


Meat Smith

The Theon Greyjoy Hot Dog

Poor Theon can't catch a break. We remember watching him go from a cocky ward, to a hateable traitor, and now, a pitiable prince of the Iron Islands. The folks over at Meat Smith sure have a wicked sense of humour, taking his captor Ramsay Bolton's favourite dish and serving it straight to us, though we can't deny that it is delicious. The Theon Greyjoy Hot Dog is a smoked beef and pork sausage, topped with bbq mustard sitting comfortably in a brioche bun. As you're taking a bite, try not to think too hard about it, and hope that this season, Theon proves to made of meaner stuff than just pork and beef.

Grab a bite of The Theon Greyjoy Hot Dog from Meat Smith, only on Deliveroo.


Smokey's BBQ

Mel's Special - Burnt at the Stake

Melisandre the red priestess has her way with fire. From seeing the future in a fireplace, to performing the odd sacrifice at a pyre. We asked ourselves why she hasn't thought of using fire for more constructive uses like say, cooking meat? Our friends at Smokey's BBQ asked the same question, and decided to take our favourite rib-eye steak, and present it to the Lord of Light. This steak came out succulent with each bite, no matter how well done it was. We suggest getting at medium doneness. Seared just enough that the beef is chewy, but also retaining its juices and taste right to the end.

Get Mel's Special from Smokey's BBQ on Deliveroo!


Wing Zone

Chicken Littlefinger's

Petyr Baelish may be one of the smartest and slimiest men in Westeros. Over the 6 seasons we've seen him lie, cheat, betray, steal, and kill to get what he wants. Wing Zone's Chicken Littlefinger's are thankfully, far less manipulative. Each piece of tender and boneless fried chicken is comforting and manageable, as well as being tasty to the last bite. Have each set of six served with potato wedges, aromatic rice, or carrots and celery. Just don't tell Littlefinger you're having his big fingers and you'll be safe.

Get a plate of Chicken Littlefinger's from Wing Zone, only at Deliveroo.

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