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The New Catch at Fish & Co.

The New Catch at Fish & Co.!

The name Fish & Co. runs almost synonymous with casual seafood dining in Singapore. Since 1998, they've been dishing out fresh seafood in a pan to Singaporeans all across the country, inspired by the fishermen in the Mediterranean who did the same. This is how fish should be enjoyed: straight from the pan, and into your mouth.

When the folks at Fish & Co. told us about their new menu, we jumped for joy at the chance to check it out and talk about it. We at Deliveroo love some well cooked seafood, and their new and extended menu proves to be a great catch.


Snack Platter

Perks of the job: getting a sneak peek at what our friends have in store and being able to tell you about it. Got a party going on and need a starter? You can't really go wrong with the new snack platter, an array of light and manageable bites from the sea.We've seen the entire pan just cleaned out over and over again because everything on it looks and tastes great. Whether you're in the mood for juicy prawn fritters or delectable fried calamari that isn't too rubbery, the new snack platter won't disappoint.

Get a Snack Platter from Fish & Co. from Deliveroo!


Petite Fish & Chips

Fish & Co.'s Fish & Chips have been a mainstay right from the start, and has always been a family favourite. This time, it's back for small eaters. Looking at such large pieces of tender and moist fish may be a bit daunting for petite people; kids, and we hate to see good fish go to waste. Whether it's the classic "Best Fish & Chips" or the more adventurous "Singapore Fish & Chips" with homemade chilli crab sauce, Fish & Co. understands. With the new line of Petite Fish & Chips, small eaters will not be left out.

Grab a pan of Petite Fish & Chips from Fish & Co. on Deliveroo!


Salmon with Citrus Crust

Salmon is probably one of the most universally loved kinds of fish, and rightfully (thankfully) so! Salmon is brain food, with high quality proteins and nutrients all throughout its red bodied goodness. The folks at Fish & Co. know this, crafting the Salmon with Citrus Crust to be part of their new under 500kcal lineup. The meat of the Salmon is both tender and tasty, with the hint of citrus balancing out with the meat perfectly.

Get a healthy pan of Salmon with Citrus Crust from Fish & Co. on Deliveroo!


Grilled Prawns with Peri-Peri Sauce

There's nothing quite like a fat juicy grilled prawn, sticking out of its shell, inviting us to dig in. Top that off with Peri-Peri Sauce and we have one saucy temptation that's hard to resist. Fish & Co.'s new combo platters allow you to get these scintillating prawns with two sides and one premium side as willing bedfellows. Our personal favourite? A warm and hearty scoop of paella rice. Especially if you mix the juices of your latest catch with the paella rice.

Get Grilled Prawns with Peri-Peri Sauce or any of Fish & Co.'s combo platters, only on Deliveroo.

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