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Get Healthy and Win Big

We’re up all night to get healthy!

The worst kept secret here at Deliveroo is that we love food, and we love to eat. All. The. Time. But eating well doesn't always mean giving up on great food.

With the Health Promotion Board, we've helped to point out food that you don't have to feel guilty digging into, and worked with some restaurants to create healthier options. This means that lower-calorie meals and food that use healthier ingredients, such as wholegrains and healthier cooking oils, will be more readily available for everyone.


Look out for the Healthier Options logo as above! (Restaurant pictured: YOLO at Tanjong Pagar)

Turning Health Into Wealth

Want to win at health and wealth? There's an app for that! Now you can win every day with the Healthy 365 app and the Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy Challenge.

How To Participate

  • Download the Healthy 365 app on the App Store or Google Play. Register a profile, and go to the Challenge tab to sign up for the EAT, DRINK, SHOP HEALTHY Challenge.
  • Look out for healthier options on Deliveroo and scan the QR code to win exciting prizes like vouchers and staycations! (You'll know them by the red Healthier Choice Symbol).
  • Scan the QR code that will come with your meal, using the Healthy 365 app! You'll earn Healthpoints that you can use to redeem rewards.
  • This ends on 31st October 2017, so get healthy and order now!

Winning! It Pays To Be Kiasu

Download the Healthy 365 app now and sign up for the EAT, DRINK, SHOP HEALTHY CHALLENGE to unlock a bonus of 740 Healthpoints. Think about this. With 740 Healthpoints, you're only 1 to 2 scans away from $5 shopping/dining voucher.

Scan Your Way To Success

Whenever you order from a participating restaurant on Deliveroo, you'll get a QR code. From here, the formula is simple. The more you scan, the more you win. Every scan earns you Healthpoints. Accumulate Healthpoints during the Challenge Period to unlock various tiers of Sure-Win rewards and redeem vouchers worth up to a total of S$30.

Frequent Scanner's Lucky Draw

Probably one of the best parts of the whole deal is the chance to win a staycation! HPB is giving away 10 staycations, and all you need to do is to keep scanning. With every 50 Healthpoints, you get 1 chance at the lucky draw. The more you order and scan from Deliveroo, the higher your chance at winning!

For more information on how to win with health, click here!

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