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5 Christmas Deals with Deliveroo!

On the first day of Christmas Deliveroo gave to me...

No partridge in pear trees, but here are some Christmas deals on Deliveroo which may be just as good! There's also more with ZALORA so stick around to find out what's up! Whether you're spending a silent night alone at home, or getting the family down to deck the house with Christmas decorations, we want to make a Christmas feast available for everyone.

Our restaurants have assembled some presents just for you, and we're obliged to deliver them in time for Christmas, santa style. No chimneys needed, but do be extra nice to riders anyway. Maybe leave some milk and cookies out for them?

All I Want For Christmas is Roo.

Cedele - Chocolate Flourless Log Cake


Christmas isn't quite the same without the traditional and iconic log-cake. The tradition can be traced back to medieval Europe when families would burn logs to celebrate the winter solstice. Not very edible. Thankfully, it's evolved to become a delicious treat, and we're ever so grateful for this.

If you're looking for something chocolatey, Cedele has you covered, with their collection of Log Cakes, most notably, the Chocolate Flourless Log Cake. Get your forks and dessert stomachs ready because this is the perfect mix of chocolate and cake as the centrepiece of any Christmas get-together. Perhaps the best part of this cake is the fact that it's flourless: meaning you can enjoy as many slices as you want, relatively guilt free!

Order a Chocolate Flourless Log Cake now from Cedele on Deliveroo.

Artisan Boulangerie Co. - ABC Christmas Gift Bag


So Santa is paying his visit and you need to leave out some cookies and milk for him. Thing is, you don't want to treat him to just any cookies, you want amazing cookies from Artisan Boulangerie Co. So you arrange a different kind of delivery from Deliveroo to sort that out.

Even if you're not getting these for Santa Claus, we're certain that ABC's Christmas Gift Bag will be a treat. You'll love the selection of freshly baked holiday goodies with three cakes (Spiced Fruit & Rum, Banana & Manuka honey, Sticky Date & Walnut), four Christmas cookie packs (Chocolate Vanilla, Orange Chocolate, Almond Marzipan, Golden Allspice)  and a pack of Gingerbread, all neatly wrapped in a red ABC bag for your gifting needs.

Get ABC's Christmas Gift Bag and more from Deliveroo.

Monster Curry - Platter of Goodness


Christmas parties aren't the easiest to plan, we know. You've got 12 friends (or more) descending upon your humble home, hoping to eat and be merry. In all cases, they have the right to. It's Christmas. Everyone should be happy.

In steps Monster Curry with their selection of platters. Gather around the Platter Of Goodness with Pork Katsu, Fried Gyoza, White Fish Munchies, Tori Karaage, Golden Ebi Fry, Onion Rings, and accompanied with Monster Curry's signature "demi-glace" curry sauce. Order 2 platters and Monster Curry will throw in 6 drinks for free!

Order the Goodness Platter and more from Monster Curry on Deliveroo.

Grain Traders - The Holiday Bowl


The Christmas season is usually full of us feasting on Christmas favourites. Here in Deliveroo, we believe in not just eating, but eating well. This means needing a healthy detox to balance our intake (to justify more feasts in the future of course).

Dig into Grain Traders' Holiday Bowl for your guilt-free Christmas meal! Roast chicken breast, fine bean & kale salad with pesto, roasted carrot, onion & fennel salad with mint and yoghurt, wafu tomatoes, roasted nuts, and topped with beetroot feta dressing to round off a balanced bowl of goodness.

Christmas is all about the spirit of giving and Grain Traders is giving a 1-for-1 on The Holiday Bowl from now until the 15th of December so that you and a friend can enjoy a delicious and healthy meal!

Order The Holiday Bowl from Grain Traders on Deliveroo.

ZALORA - 18% off your Christmas shopping


Scrambling to get presents for your friends? Have the #OnlineFever? We get you. Grab one of our Christmas deals and sit tight for the online shopping scramble at ZALORA.

Use the code DELIVEROO12 and spend at least $90 for 18% off your order. This is only available from 12-17 December, so hurry and your presents will arrive in time for Christmas! *Terms and Conditions apply.

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