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$12 deals on Deliveroo

$12 deals on Deliveroo

There are 12 months, 12 animals in the zodiac, 12 storeys in some HDB blocks... Know what else is 12? Our minimum spend, at any time of the day.

We've scoured the menus of some of your favourite restaurants and worked with them to get you a feast for just $12 all the way until 6th May. Whether it's a roll of sushi, a slice of pizza, or a tasty chicken wing, there's something for you for just $12.

There'll be new restaurants added everyday so keep checking back and look out for the "$12 specials" tag to see what's available!

Deliveroo4Fingers Crispy Chicken

Surf(and Turf)ers paradise

When Singaporeans think of great chicken, a good number would think of 4Fingers Crispy Chicken. Their formula of either soy garlic or spicy chicken has propelled them to be one of Singapore's favourite Chicken Wing haunts across the country.

Until 6th May, 4Fingers is dipping into seafood, with their Surf & Turf combo. Get 1 drumstick with 3 wings and additional calamari and shrimp for the perfect balance of juicy chicken and tasty seafood. You could also get a Chicken Chop instead of the wings and drumstick, if you're looking for something even meatier. All this, for just $12.

Get 4Fingers' Surf and Turf Combo for just $12!


Twelve Cupcakes

There are dozens of us!

Twelve Cupcakes called us, and we jumped for joy. 6 cupcakes for $12! We immediately bought a box in (or two) for everyone in the office. There was much cheer as everyone gave in to their sweet tooth.

This is a recount of us reacting to getting some sweet cupcakes delivered straight to us. Share in this joy and get a box of 6 cupcakes at $12 (U.P. $18) delivered straight to you.

Get Twelve Cupcakes on Deliveroo!



Maki with my Kakis

Maki-San has always brought a smile to their customer's faces with healthy and fresh ingredients that combine in an infinite number of ways. Now with their new lineup of Maki's, they've come back with a $12 deal that'll more than satisfy.

Give the Smoky Maki a shot, a creation with shredded cucumber, a kani stick, tempura crunch, and smoked salmon topped with japanese mayonnaise. Pair that with a Kani snack and a drink for just $12 from now until 6th May.

Get Maki-San on Deliveroo now.


Bee Kee Truffle Wanton Noodle

Noodles for the soul

Wanton Noodles are a staple diet to some Singaporeans. You can't quite enter a coffee shop or hawker centre without seeing a stall selling a great bowl of Wanton noodles.Bee Kee Truffle Wanton Noodle steps it up a notch with their signature Truffle Wanton Mee. It's more of what you love, but now with 100% more truffles and deliciousness than you remembered.

Get a set of Bee Kee Truffle Wanton Mee on Deliveroo with additional crispy fried wanton and Pokka Oolong tea for just $12.

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