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1-for-1 pizzas for the Pizza Party

1-for-1 Pizzas for the Pizza Party

In the grand scheme of things it is difficult to think of a more iconic Italian dish other than pizza. A famous tale of origins of pizza holds that on June 11, 1889 in honor of Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy. A Neapolitan pizza maker Raffaele Esposito created the pizza margherita which consist of tomatoes, mozzarella and Basil each representing the colors on the Italian flag. Thus as they say, the modern pizza was born. It's no wonder that this culinary invention is enjoyed by people from all over the world. Actor Kevin James once said "there is no better feeling than a warm pizza box in your lap."

What's better than a warm pizza box on your lap? How about two? Yes, you've guessed it. It's Pizza Party week here at Deliveroo! Two Pizza pies for the price of 1.

Here are some options to include in your next order;

DeliverooAl Borgo Italian Restaurant

Prosciutto & Funghi

A great rendition of a well known classic. It's the breathtaking Prosciutto & Funghi pizza at Al Borgo. The surface of the pizza is beaming with Italian dry-cured ham and juicy mushrooms. The combination of the two gives a stark contrast in taste and texture which works perfectly together. The saltiness of the Italian ham mixes nicely with the juicy sweetness of the mushrooms, all marrying fantastically with the delicate tomato sauce.

Enjoy 1-for-1 pizzas from Al Borgo Italian Restaurant on Deliveroo.

DeliverooBella Pizza

Pizza Diavola

Thin Crust? Check! Stringy Mozzarella & salty Salami double Check! With every bite of this wonderful wood fired pizza from Bella Pizza, the combination of cheese, dough and said salami almost melts into your mouth like butter, furthermore it's not overly oily. The perfect rounds of pepperoni holds the ideal amount of spicy chilli, and with every bite, the heat builds up in your chest and is truly addicting. And to be honest, how can one resist a charred-in-the-right-places crust, fresh supple mozzarella cheese, and freshly-crushed tomato? Definitely give it a go. You won't regret it!

Get diabolical with 1-for-1 pizzas from Bella Pizza, only on Deliveroo

DeliverooJamie's Italian

Funghi Misti 

For our vegetarian brothers and sisters, our top pick, the funghi misti features a generous helping of roasted mushrooms (oyster and paris) on an earthy porcini mushroom sauce, garnished with chervil and tarragon. Sounds fantastic does it? These uncomplicated yet gold standard ingredients are topped on a charred dotted thin pliant crust; a great alternative to a meaty pizza pie.

Indulge in a great pizza (or two) from Jamie's Italian, only on Deliveroo.



The Margherita pizza from Modesto's is beautifully simple.  A thin crust pizza dough is minimally sauced with vine ripen crushed tomatoes, topped with fresh buffalo mozzarella and basil. This is a true representation of the legend that birth the modern pizza. One bite and you'll understand why.

Grab a slice from not one but two pizzas from Modesto's on Deliveroo.



The name speaks for itself. If you're a lover of all things pepperoni, this pizza treat is for you. 72 slices of pepperoni piled high on a chewy pizza dough. Salty & cheesy, this is one pie not to be missed. Especially if you'd got someone to share it with. Did we mention the 72 meaty rounds of pepperoni, crisp at the edges, curl up on baking into little saucers holding a dribble of spicy oil? If this is your bane, soak up the extra grease(or flavor bombs as we would like to call them) with a kitchen roll – Just promise us you won't miss out on this slice of pepperoni heaven.  

Grab a Pepperoni pizza as part of your 1-for-1 pizzas from Pezzo from 14th to 17th July on Deliveroo.



Here's the thing about Sarpinos, The crust is crispy enough that you can grab a slice with your hands without jumping through any hoops to use the silverware. Truth be told this is a simple cheese pizza but with excellent pairings. Though it really isn't fancy, the ratio of the cheese, salty ham, and sweet pineapple is pure perfection.

Feeling hungry yet? We sure are! Like the ninja turtles, we can't and will not resist an awesome pizza pie. What are you waiting for, these fantastic deals only last till 16th July, only on Deliveroo!

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