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1 for 1 burgers this Father’s Day

Burgers with Dad this Father’s Day!

Soon, it will be Father's day! While not all of us are blessed (or cursed) with a father as cool as Darth Vader, we all love our main man, whether he has a lightsaber or not. In celebration of our fathers who aren't from galaxies far far away, Deliveroo has got 1-for-1 burgers for you and your dad! That's twice the burger, double the satisfaction.

'Dad, make me a burger!' Dad: 'Poof, you're a burger!'



So you're hoping to treat Dad to something different and show just how far our food scene has come? Artichoke has your answer. With the Shish Taouk Chicken Burger, Artichoke has brought together a burger that you won't soon forget. Combining the tastes of the middle east with the classic burger format was an inspired choice. Enjoy the succulent crispy chicken thigh, with juicy tomatoes and butterhead lettuce with lebanese pickles for that zesty kick, and all of it topped with toum garlic sauce.

Treat your dad to something different with the Shish Taouk Chicken Burger from Artichoke, and enjoy one for yourself with 1-for-1 burgers! Order it now from Deliveroo.



Maybe Dad's not in the mood for a patty. That's fine! We're all for burger diversity. In steps the Pulled Pork Burger from Barossa. Dad will enjoy the tasty slow-cooked pork shoulder, topped with dijon mustard and smothered in hickory barbecue sauce, giving that smoky touch to a meaty burger. All of that stacked between two toasted buns, to create a scrumptious assembly of deliciousness.

Treat Dad to the Pulled Pork Burger from Barossa. Dad will be wondering if you're 'pulling' his leg! Order it now from Deliveroo.

Barrio by Mex Out


We know Mex Out for serving an excellent Burrito, but did you know that Barrio by Mex Out serves awesome burgers with that same mexican twist we know and love? Step forward, Barrio's Chilli Cheese Burger, one of the burgers included in this 1-for-1 deal! A house made juicy beef patty, homemade smoky chilli con carne, and topped with pico de gallo (which includes avocado, chopped tomatoes and spring onions) to add that mexican flair to an already awesome burger.

If Dad loves burgers, the Chilli Cheese Burger from Barrio by Mex Out would be a 'mex'cellent choice.

Get a Chilli Cheese Burger with your Dad from Barrio by Mex Out Deliveroo.

Bird Bird


Bird Bird serves all their birds (chickens) with a cheekiness that Dad would be proud of. It's no surprise then that they came up with the Crispy Chicken Donut Sandwich! In between two butter toasted donut buns lies a  huge crispy golden brown chicken thigh that you'll be sure to enjoy biting into. Each bite is crunchy and juicy to the last. Plus, it's undeniably more fun to have a donut hole in the middle of your bun instead of the usual sesame seed bun.

Want to spend time with Dad AND have an amazing burger? Why not kill two birds with one stone?

'Donut' miss the Crispy Chicken Donut Sandwich on Deliveroo.



Meat Smith crafts and forges their meat like a skilled blacksmith would forge a sword. Their Brisket Sandwich is another burger in their armory of meat related dishes. The tender and juicy brisket may not have the meatiness to bite into that a patty may have, but that's not the point. The point is its rich taste, served with vinegar slaw, pickles, and topped with chipotle bbq sauce to bring out that smoky flavour. With such strong flavours, you'll be getting stuff from this smith over and over again.

Why not order from Deliveroo and get Dad to enjoy the Brisket Sandwich with you? Just try not to eat it too briskly.


With Overeasy's Truffle Burger, you probably won't have 'mush'room left to complain! Alright, that was a Dad joke. In all seriousness, this stack of meat and mushroom is a sight to behold. Between two butter toasted buns lies a layer of juicy wagyu chuck blend beef patties, sauteed onions, swiss cheese and mushrooms, all smothered with truffle mayonnaise. It's a hearty burger, but one we're sure you won't regret.

If Dad hasn't quite gotten over the truffle phase, why not get a Truffle Burger from Overeasy with him with 1-for-1 burgers on Deliveroo?

Sacha & SonsDeliveroo

We here present Sacha & Sons' crowd favourite 'Cheeseburger'. Don't let the simple name fool you, this fantastic assembly of juicy meat, melted cheese, veggie, and sesame seed bun brings it back to basics, and gets the formula just about right. The thick beef patty is cooked well to perfection, and with a layer of cheese melted over, forms one of our favourite cheeseburgers. We all remember the familiar sensation of having a burger from when we were once kids, why not share that memory with the man was there with you? With their 1-for-1 burger deal, there's no reason not to.

If you find yourself in the east with Pa, Sacha & Sons can also be found on Deliveroo Editions! Lucky you, a Cheeseburger from Sacha & Sons isn't too far away.

Order a Sacha & Sons Cheeseburger for you and Dad from Deliveroo today!

The Marmalade Pantry


The Marmalade Pantry may sound like a sweet name, but their Grilled Beef Burger proves that they know how to make burgers as well. This beef burger is stacked with a satisfying 200g patty layered with truffle cheese and tomato relish with pickes and mustard mayo to top off each bite with a kick. On top of all that, The Marmalade Pantry lives up to their name by also including onion marmalade in their burger, a distinct sweetness that you can only find here.

Dad's a sweet man isn't he? Why not show that with The Marmalade Pantry's Grilled Beef Burger? Get 1-for-1 burgers from The Marmalade Pantry on Deliveroo.

Three Buns at Potato Head Folk


The folks at Three Buns at Potato Head Folk love music, many of their burgers named after singers or musicians. The Baby Huey burger is no different. We're talking about Baby Huey the american singer from the 60s, not Baby Huey the cartoon. The Baby Huey burger by Three Buns truly is food for the soul. A juicy 120g Hereford Angus beef patty, with cheese, ketchup, pickles, and topped with a generous helping of spiced mayo for that same spunk that Baby Huey had. Their crispy demi-brioche buns frame the assembly perfectly, to create a humble yet tasty burger.

Why not try this out. Put on some Baby Huey music, get Dad over, and share the meal with him with 1-for-1 burgers on Deliveroo. I'm sure he'll love it.

[Giveaway Galore]: Want to win $50 worth of Deliveroo credits for you and your main man for Father's Day? Simple! If you are lucky enough to receive a Deliveroo paper tie or paper bowtie in your Deliveroo order this week, snap a picture of you or your dad using it and hashtag #iwantdeliveroocredits to stand a chance! Winners will be contacted by 17 June, just in time for Father's Day!

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