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  2. Try Out Our Sushi Dictionary in Singapore- All The Answers You Wanted But Were Too Afraid To Ask
Try Out Our Sushi Dictionary in Singapore- All The Answers You Wanted But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Try Out Our Sushi Dictionary in Singapore- All The Answers You Wanted But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Singapore loves sushi, that's a fact. There are over three hundred sushi restaurants here and many of them offer slightly different things. However, have you ever looked at the menu and just felt puzzled? Knowing your Nigiri from your Sashimi is important, as you might want rice (nori) with that. Usually, there are pictures to help; however, you might need a little help now and again. Here is the essential sushi dictionary, so that the next time you order sushi, you know exactly what to order. 


Cucumber Maki at Sushi Tei

Maki is usually what most people think of when they hear sushi. Maki means roll, and there are different types of maki. Hosomaki is the smallest kind and it usually packs a bit of a crunch inside such as crispy salmon skin. Futomaki are the largest kind of maki, and the literal translation is "fat rolled sushi". They often consist of rice, seaweed, and fish, and there are many variations. Homomaki is often filled with vegetables such as cucumber. At the Sushi Tei restaurant in Singapore, they make lots of maki, with futomaki being their signature dish. There are so many different types of Maki to choose from; some traditional, some are more experimental. Think bold colours and big flavours. 


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A Nigiri Selection at Sushi Tei

Nigiri literally means "to grab", and refers to the way in which the dish should be eaten. It should be picked up in the hands and turned upside down to dip in the sauce. Nigiri can be made with any kind of fish and is the reason that the rice in sushi is so important. Too loose and it'll fall apart before you've even managed to stuff it in your mouth. Too hard, and it won't complement the texture of the fish at all. It is made by squashing grains of rice together and expertly placing the fish on top. Nigiri is best dunked in soy sauce and washed down with sake. Just like their maki, Sushi Tei has a long list of Nigiri choices, from scallop to swordfish. 


Salmon sashimi at Nara Japanese Restaurant

Sashimi is thick slices of incredibly fresh fish and can be made from more commonly used fish and seafood such as shrimp to rarer and more expensive fish such as Black Rock fish. Nara Japanese Restaurant breaks from the traditional and serves their salmon sashimi as a beautiful bouquet of roses, with a leaf of wasabi on the side. If you fancy your fish seared on the outside, ask for "tataki". 


Salmon Temaki

Temaki means "handroll" and is the name given to large pieces of seaweed wrapping different fillings. Hand rolls usually contain fish and rice but different restaurants will have their own signature hand roll. Hand rolls are great if you're on the go and, if you like crunchy seaweed, they're the best way to eat sushi. Temaki choices at Nara Japanese Restaurant range from grilled eel to soft shell crab and, for vegetarians, there is an avocado and a cucumber temaki too. 


Ebi roll at Sushi Tei

Uramaki is not traditional or genuinely Japanese; however, it is one of the most popular choices for sushi eaters outside of Japan. Unlike traditional maki, here the seaweed is on the inside of the roll, with the rice on the outside, and uramaki literally means "inside out roll". It is often topped with fish roe or sesame seeds and garnished with a creamy sauce. Sushi Tei are uramaki wizards, and have created many different types of delicious uramaki; their double ebi (shrimp) uramaki features shrimp on the outside and shrimp on the inside and is topped with black caviar. Yum!


Chirashi at Teppei Syokudo​​

Until recently, chirashi could not be found outside of Japan, with diners preferring a hand roll or maki serving of sushi. However, chirashi is delicious and very authentic. Chirashi means "scattered" sushi, and comes from a way of using bits of fish which might not otherwise have been be used for nigiri or sashimi. However, it has become way more refined than it sounds, and you'll often find a selection of large pieces of sashimi in a bowl of chirashi. It is a big bowl of sushi rice with lots of raw fish literally scattered over the top, and then garnished with vegetables or anything else you might fancy. Chirashi at Sushi Tei is called a "Sushi Salad" and, at Nara Japanese Restaurant, it is served with vinegar rice and miso soup. 

So, there you have it; the next time you're at a sushi restaurant, you'll know exactly what to order. The beauty of sushi and sashimi is that you can order a little bit of everything and eventually find your favourite dish!

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