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  2. Let’s get bubblin’! - Try these top-selling bubble tea
Let’s get bubblin’ - Try these top-selling bubble tea

Let’s get bubblin’! - Try these top-selling bubble tea

Ever wondered what others are drinking? Wonder no more! Zeng (upgrade) that plain ol' milk tea and try these cool favourites. These drinks are the top-selling drinks (excluding plain ol' milk tea) that people like you have ordered.

What more, it gets even sweeter with no minimum spend all-day in the heartlands and lunch in the CBD. So hurry along and jio your friends for a bubble tea party!

Gong ChaDeliveroo

People queued for hours when Gong Cha came back to Singapore, need we say more?

1. Taro Drink

This purple goodness that is sweet and creamy will never fail you

2. Milk Tea with 3J

Zeng (upgrade) your milk tea with the iconic triplets - pearl, pudding, herbal jelly

3. Longan Honey Drink

Go for a healthier option with some longan and honey



iTea offers aromatic premium tea that is bound to give you a refreshing experience.

1. Aloe Vera Honey Lemon Ai-Yu

Get a refreshing treat to beat Singapore's sweltering heat

2. Yakult Green Tea

Tasty and beneficial; it doesn't get much better than this!

3. Peach Green Tea

An aromatic mixture of peach and green tea that is a great balance of tartness and sweetness

Each a Cup

DeliverooBefore the introduction of Gong Cha and KOI, Each a Cup was the definition of bubble tea with a large array of ice blended drinks.

1. Strawberry Lychee Ice

Feel nostalgic with this old school ice blended strawberry lychee drink

2. Oreo Crush

Oreo makes everything more awesome

3. Winter Melon Milk Tea

For winter melon fans, this is the go-to drink



KECha offers unique mixes that are not only Instagrammable but also satisfying.

1. My Secret Garden

Treat your taste buds with a fragrant mixture of elderflower, rose, osmanthus, apple juice, rose buds, and soda

2. Mango Lagoon

Get a flavour blast from a special mix of blue lagoon, macadamia nut and mango

3. Lychee Summer

Try this for a refreshing mix of lychee, strawberry, and earl grey

Craving for bubble tea now? Head on over to Deliveroo to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours.

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