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Celebrate Chinese New Year in the Office

Celebrate Chinese New Year in the Office

Chinese New Year celebrations are around the corner, kicking off in only a few days. It is widely celebrated in Asia, including Singapore, and is a great opportunity to gather your teams around activities and a great momentum for team building. Here are a few ideas to spread the Chinese New Year spirit around the workplace!

Gather everyone around a fruitful lunch or dinner

If Chinese New Year is famous around the world, one of the main reasons is food! The tradition brings families together for a reunion meal. Gather your team around a nice reunion lunch or dinner at the office or outside, and make them feel like their coworkers are their second family.

There are plenty of options to celebrate a delicious Chinese New Year, whether that means going to a nice restaurant, or getting food delivered to the office and share mouth-watering dishes including the traditional Yusheng, make sure you make this moment memorable.

Have a Chinese New Year Party

We always need more reasons to throw corporate parties! Gather the whole office to celebrate Chinese New Year with fun games, team bonding activities and obviously, food and beverages. There are numerous CNY-theme activities such as lantern-building, a spring cleaning contest or preparing a Lou Hei (Prosperity Salad) in teams, that can bring fun to the office.

Decorate the Office

What would be Chinese New Year without its bright and red decorations that light up the streets and the offices to drive away bad luck? Instead of having the Office Manager or a contractor doing the decoration, consider involving your collaborators in the office and spark everyone's creativity. All you need is red lanterns, zodiac cut outs, placemats, flowers, a pair of New Year Couplets and a festive spirit!

Send greeting cards

Chinese New Year is the perfect opportunity to be thoughtful towards your colleagues, employees and customers. You can send customised greeting cards, a digital note or an email to your customers, but make sure to let them know that they are in your thoughts.

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