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Top 6 Poke Bowls in Singapore

Top 6 poké places on Deliveroo

Poké bowls in Singapore are a growing trend proving that there is more to life than a regular salad. A right mix of fun and nutrition, the well-known Hawaiian delicacy will put you in a good mood no matter what kind of day you're having - after all, it's a little bit of paradise in a bowl.

But we know how life can get sometimes, maybe you don't have time to stroll the streets looking for the most awesome poké bowls, this is why you have us on Deliveroo. We have your back for the top six great poké restaurants when you're craving this guilt-free nutritious dish.

1. Aloha Poké


Being the first on the poke market in Singapore, you know there will be one place on the list for Aloha Poke and if you are a beginner-poke then you should definitely try their standard signature bowls to get a taste of what tickles your fancy by creating your own bowl with their extensive list of choices.

For the Poke traditionalists the default option is the Nalu tuna but if you're looking for a little more variety, and of course are a huge fan of salmon sashimi, you won't say regret the salmon. Adding options such as brown rice, almonds, avocados, Flying Fish Roe and more, you've created the super Poke bowl that will fulfil all your cravings and the best part is, you don't have to feel guilty!

For something a little extra, you should definitely try the popular Hawaiian snack Spam Musubi, this tasty treat the will totally change your spam experience!

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2. Alter Ego


Collectively known as the "Evil Twin" of A Poke Theory, Alter Ego is just as human as the rest of us craving a balance of healthy poke bowls and smoothies during the day, and indulging in craft beers and butter grease by night. Alas we'll have to save the beers and grilled cheese for another day, let's talk poke.

From The Original Poke Shaker to the The Wildcard, Alter Ego has five Eat Clean poke bowls to choose from, and unlike A Poke Theory, these bowls are preset ready for you to give into your deepest desires and give each a try. Of course, balance is key and nothing says balance than Poke & Chips with crunchy tortilla chips and a poke of your pick you can choose between spicy mayo tuna, avocado miso tuna, original shoyu salmon, spicy garlic sesame salmon or avocado poke.

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3. A Poke Theory


A Poke Theory prides themselves on delectable flavours and balanced nutrition giving you only the good stuff, and you can expect plenty of good stuff.

Suitable for beginners to advanced poke eaters, you can custom create your bowl according to your preference giving you the chance to be a traditionalist or a poke-mixologist. Given the choice of three different bases to choose from: sushi rice, lemon herb quinoa or romaine lettuce; you can mix-match your cuts from two kinds of Tuna (Shoyu and Spicy Garlic Sesame) or two choices of Salmon (Spicy Mayo and Avocado Miso. The important role is up to you, choosing the toppings where you can mix-match the flavours to create your perfect bowl. If you have any trouble, don't be afraid to ask the servers!

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4. Kinki


Using only the freshest ingredients, Kinki is what we call "next-level" poke. Known for it's unconventional recipes and multi-award winning dishes, Kinki adopts the same methods into their bowls giving you an one-of-a-kind exquisite experience true to the restaurant's reputation.

For herbivores and meat-eaters alike, don't worry you can still eat together harmoniously as there are options for both! With a hearty and healthy bowl of grilled pumpkin, asparagus and sweet apple dressing, the Grilled Vegetable Poke is just as a tasty as the Braised Beef Bowl with juicy, tender braised beef, grilled pineapples, chickpeas and more. Kinki is a match-made in heaven for Poke bowls but only during lunchtime so order it early before the lunch crowd comes in! Don't say we didn't warn you!

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5. Loloku


Say hi to the newest member to the Deliveroo family, and the poke party experience. If you haven't tried Loloku yet, we suggest you make it as part of your 2017 must-eats.

Much like Kinki, Loloku skirts outside the poke lines and into something exciting pairing unconventional combinations together such as jalapeños and kimchi adding it to red quinoa in rice and some avocado. We would have never thought of it but luckily for us, and you - Loloku did.

If you are looking to impress a foodie significant other, or even a foodie boss then you need to order the Ono Hamchi. Loloku is one of the few places to serve fresh hamachi in a poke bowl, paired together with ponzu and wasabi sauce, you will definitely impress a few people in the room.

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6. Ninja Bowl


Much like its name, Ninja Bowl is one of the newer, quieter poke establishments but packs a rather powerful punch. The one-bowl meals combines healthy-balanced ingredients and unique pairings for the perfect lunch! Definitely one for the adventurers, you will be spoilt for choice even with just eight options as they are possess incredible flavours steering away from the usual poke fares.

Those who like a sweet-savoury combination can enjoy the Kabuki with seared honey chicken leg, baby corn, picked beetroot, onset egg, fried shallots and Korean beansprouts; or the Buta with Japanese aburi chashu (cured pork belly) paired with a juicy roasted pumpkin. It's definitely a bowl for post-gym day!

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And there you have it, 6 perfect poké places in Singapore. Why don't you tell us what is your favourite poké bowl on Deliveroo?

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