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5 restaurants to huat ah with Yu Sheng this Chinese New Year!

Huat ah!

Here at Deliveroo, we take our food seriously (with a bit of fun). That means, we're obliged to take the time honoured Singapore tradition on Yu Sheng seriously as well. Yu Sheng is ubiquitous with Chinese New Year for Singaporeans, but with so many restaurants to choose from, it can be hard to decide. It's already hard enough to figure out what every single ingredient actually is!

To catch you up to speed, here are 5 restaurants you can get your Chinese New Year Yu Sheng from.

DeliverooCrystal Jade

A restaurant that is synonymous with great Chinese cuisine. Whether you love their dim sum and their Xiao Long Bao with Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, or enjoy family dinners with Crystal Jade Kitchen, this is one restaurant that's hard to miss.

Their Yu Sheng this year too, doesn't disappoint with 2 different renditions of the classic. The Reunion Baby Abalone Yu Sheng, and the Reunion Deep-fried Fish Skin coated with Salted Egg Yolk Yu Sheng. Treat your family and friends to some truly great Yu Sheng and order from Crystal Jade.

DeliverooDian Xiao Er

Dian Xiao Er is mostly known for its Herbal Roast Ducks but there's no stopping it from wading into the Yu Sheng scene this Chinese New Year. With Dian Xiao Er, you have choices. Can't get enough of smoked salmon with your Yu Sheng? Get the Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng". Need some of that sweet sweet abalone? Get the Prosperity Gui Fei Abalone Yu Sheng. Whichever you decide to go for, Dian Xiao Er proves to be a great choice to get your Yu Sheng.

DeliverooJUMBO Seafood

JUMBO Seafood is one of Singapore's beloved seafood restaurants, and has been for quite a while. Which is why Yu Sheng from JUMBO Seafood not only has the pedigree of coming from a great seafood restaurant, but also the nostalgia factor of sitting by the East Coast Park beach digging into some juicy crabs. Get JUMBO Seafood's Yu Sheng today on Deliveroo.

DeliverooPeach Garden

Peach Garden's fare on Deliveroo brings to mind homely family dinners within its traditional Chinese restaurant settings with the extended family over some delicious Chinese cuisine. With their Yu Sheng, you too have a choice between smoked salmon, juicy abalone, or if need be, a vegetarian option (not as common as you might think). If you prefer not to have fish with your Yu Sheng, order from Peach Garden on Deliveroo.

DeliverooSushi Tei

While not a name you'd expect to dabble in the Chinese-Singaporean tradition of Yu Sheng, Sushi Tei has one great reason that their Yu Sheng will stand out. Salmon. Lovers of Japanese cuisine and sushi will be familiar with Sushi Tei's pedigree. Delicious, silky salmon sashimi, and so much more. With their Yu Sheng, it's no different. Glorious strips of orange decorate the plate, and you'd be sure to be fishing out for these salmon slices after the lohei is done.Get your Yu Sheng from Sushi Tei today!

Some of these restaurants might be closed over Chinese New Year, so don't delay your Yu Sheng festivities!

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