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  2. Celebrate Russia's World Cup with world-class vodka in Singapore
Watch the World Cup with Russia's Fave Drink – Vodka!

Celebrate Russia's World Cup with world-class vodka in Singapore

Planning World Cup parties this June and July? We can't think of anything better. Who cares if you call it football or soccer? Words don't matter when it comes to enjoying the game. No matter which flag you're waving, celebrating a win is always a fun event and commiserating over losses works too. For the ultimate party, order in those share platters and sweet treats and get ready to watch the action on screen. But wait... what's a party without a few drinks? In true Russian style, put vodka on the menu. We certainly have – and these bottles are some of the best.

1. 42 Below Vodka Manuka Honey from Alcohol Delivery

Honey is super sweet, smooth and it goes down a treat. When you add it to vodka, it brings more of the same to the table (or the glass). This one's super special, made from the pure spring water of New Zealand and then flavoured with just about everything in this world that's amazing. You'll be able to taste hints of honey, caramel, butterscotch and even a little aniseed, for a bit of a twist. Enjoy 42 Below Vodka Manuka Honey from Alcohol Delivery on the rocks to really get the party started.

2. Absolut Blue Vodka from Cellerbration

You would be absolutely right to think you can't go wrong with an 'Absolut' classic like Absolut Vodka. Cellarbration have confidence in it and so should you. Hailing from Sweden, it's one of the world's top-selling vodka brands for a reason. Distilled directly from wheat, it's comprised solely of natural ingredients to ensure a really wholesome and smooth taste. We can't promise your behaviour will be the same – so just mind you don't drink too much! It does go down super easily...

3. Whitley Neill Blood Orange Vodka from Gain Brands

Everything about this bottle from Gain Brands is exciting, from its rich colour to its even richer taste. Blood orange is an accurate description for a vodka with such a deep shade, but there are also hints of Sicilian oranges in its flavouring as well. Zesty and aromatic – this vodka is strong without being overpowering. You get an initial burst in the form of a sweet taste, which quickly subsides to make way for a rather more tart combination of fruit and spice. We love it and you will too.

4. Lychee Martini Milkshake from The Daily Scoop

Don't fancy an entire bottle? For a real treat, enjoy a shake instead – a hard one! The Lychee Martini Milkshake from The Daily Scoop combines your inner child with your outer adult for the best in both experience and taste. Although a martini typically features gin, this one comes with a twist... and that's vodka. Lychee juice just makes it extra sweet. Don't drink this too fast, it is a milkshake after all!

It's not just fantastic food delivered to you by Deliveroo, it's also delicious drinks. You know who to count on when match day rolls around.

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