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  2. Rainbow Cakes: Where to Find Them In Singapore
Rainbow Cakes: Where to Find Them In Singapore

Rainbow Cakes: Where to Find Them In Singapore

Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue, I can eat a rainbow, eat a rainbow, eat a rainbow too. And if you haven't tried this slice of pure joy yet, then what have you been doing? Get yourself some multi-coloured magic, brought right to your door, of course.

Here are the places you need to know about if you want to discover what's at the end of the rainbow. The answer? An empty plate.

The Bakery Chef

The Bakery Chef goes one step further than most in its quest to capture rainbows in cake form – they have a chocolate rainbow, too. Of course, if you don't want to eat a rainbow (for some reason we can't quite imagine) then you can always opt for the strawberry short cake. Or the Caramel Guilt Cake…Because The Bakery Chef clearly knows what it's doing to your diet.

NOM Bistro & Bakery

Well, we suppose it's only right that we mention the other forms of deliciousness available at NOM Bistro & Bakery, including grilled chicken and waffles and a pretty awesome laksa pizza, but that would be digressing from the main star of the show: the cookies n' cream rainbow cake. A slice of multi-coloured magic that is sure to cure your munchies -  no matter how many other of NOM's delicious dishes tempt you, you are morally obligated (to your stomach) to save room for a slice of this awesomeness.

Rainbow Cottage Café

Rainbow Cottage Café truly lives up to name, with not one but two rainbow-coloured cakes on the menu. Their rainbow cake is a soft and fluffy treat, but their Paddlepop cheesecake is where things actually manage to get even more exciting. Even more brightly coloured, even more funky, this is psychedelically good cake.

Fresh Fruits Lab

Fresh Fruits Lab has a pretty stellar menu. A burger called Da Bomb Burger (how are we supposed to resist that?), delish soft shell crab pasta, crispy truffle fries, nachos with tropical salsa…no, stop, we must remember why we're here. Rainbow cake. Which Fresh Fruits Lab proudly calls its signature sweet and makes to colour-layered perfection. Of course, once you've had the rainbow cake, there's really no reason you can't follow it with a Double Chocolate Royale cake as well.

W39 Bistro & Bakery

Everything you want for a break from a long day, and a sweet treat and caffeine kick to pep you up again, can be found at W39 Bistro & Bakery. Pick a freshly made coffee or tea to go with your red velvet cake, or Mister Chocolate cake, or crunchy hazelnut cake. Or, the one you really shouldn't resist, their famous rainbow cake. Every bit as pretty as it looked in your hunger-induced hallucinations, W39's rainbow cake is almost too pretty too eat. But not actually.

Little House of Dreams

Ah Little House of Dreams knows precisely what our dreams are, and that they are multi-coloured and cake-flavoured. Their Over the Rainbow slice is an ever-so-sweet-in-every-way solution to your cravings. It might be an extra-special cake, but we don't think you need an extra-special reason to order it.

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