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  2. All pho one and one pho all with the best Vietnamese food to get you through the week
Have Pho all Week with the Best Vietnamese Food in Singapore

All pho one and one pho all with the best Vietnamese food to get you through the week

When it comes to Asian cuisine, sometimes Chinese and Japanese foods can hog the limelight, however it's time for Vietnamese food to enter the ring. Of all the truly wonderful Vietnamese dishes, pho has got to be up there as the best. A flavoursome, fragrant and fantastic bowl of pho is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and there are so many different kinds to try. In fact, in Singapore you could try one every day of the week and still have your mind blown. Not sure where to start? We've compiled a list of the best bowls in town.

1. Monday Pho Bo

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A simple bowl of noodles in broth is the best meal to kick off the week, so make it one to remember by trying out the Pho Bo served over at Mrs Pho House. The authentic, homemade bowls of pho are so hearty and delicious they may become your regular lunch item. This dish is made with thick slices of beef and noodles, swimming in a tasty beef broth. Come rain or shine, this dish will always leave you with a hearty, warm feeling to start your week off right. 

2. Tuesday Hanoi Style

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The differences between Hanoi- and Saigon-style pho are subtle, but each is delicious in its own right. If your Tuesday lunch breaks could do with a little more excitement, look no further than the Hanoi Style Chicken Pho served up at Pho Stop. These fresh noodles are served in your choice of chicken broth or beef marrow bullion. It's the perfect meal to get you energised on what - let's face it - can be a difficult day to get past. 

3. Wednesday Pho Ga

It's hump day and we've another chicken pho to get you through: the yummy Pho Ga at Moc Quan. This authentic Vietnamese restaurant may fool you into thinking you're sat by the streets of Hanoi - but you don't even need to leave your desk to eat it! Pho Ga is made with rice noodles in a fragrant chicken broth and packed with shredded chicken for a simple meal that's light - so you don't feel weighed down as you get on with your day - but infinitely flavoursome.

4. Thursday Pho Dac Biet

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Friday is fast approaching and you feel like treating yourself to a hearty and warm meal. Enter the Pho Dac Biet. You can find this dish at Sandwich Saigon and you can definitely taste the love and care that goes into it. A wonderfully tender beef brisket, beef balls, rice noodles, basil seasoning, bean sprouts and lime all swim in a full-flavoured beef broth. Each bite is tastier than the last and it'll certainly be a dish you return to time and time again.

5. Friday Bun Tom Cha

The weekend has arrived at long last and what better way to celebrate than with a steaming hot bowl of filling pho? Brace yourself for this one - it's a mouthful. The Bun Tom Cha Ca Hai Phong is a Pho dish that packs a punch, a deliciously seasoned medley of prawn and pork swimming in a pork broth with rice noodles and vegetables. Comnam serves up the tastiest bowl in town and, one of the most popular items on the menu, be sure to get your hands on some before it's sold out!

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