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4 Mexican Meals That Prove Vegetarian Food Is For Everyone

Viva Mexico! Singapore's Mexican Restaurants Excel When It Comes to Vegetarian Food

Not only are vegetarian and vegan-centric restaurants popping up all over Singapore, but other cuisines are also beginning to see just how tasty vegetarian meals can be. One such cuisine is Mexican, with many restaurants beginning to offer a multitude of vegetarian food. Here are just some that you can find around Singapore.

1. Sautéed Vegetable Fajitas – Café Mexicana

Boat Quay restaurant Café Mexicana is unique in that it offers a wide variety of appetizers, with more starters appearing on the menu than main courses. Many of these appetizers are vegetarian friendly, including corn chips with sauces, jalapeno howlers, mixed green salad and macho nachos. The latter is made up of corn chips, cheese, jalapenos, sour cream and salsa, which sure sounds good. Still, when ordering from Café Mexicana it would be mad to pass on one of their delicious mains, all of which come with two sides of your choice. Their fajitas are particularly popular, available with sautéed vegetables all wrapped up in a fluffy flour tortilla.

2. Taco de Poblano Y Calabacin - Super Loco

When it comes to vegetarian Mexican, Super Loco has everything covered. Veggie Antojitos and Acompanamientos include Totopos, Remolacha al Horno, Frijoles and street food style Elotes. Meanwhile, mains may be limited to tacos or burritos but there's still plenty to choose from if you're a vegetarian. For instance, the restaurant's taco de Poblano y Calabacin dish is very popular, served with grilled poblano, zucchini, epazote, avocado and salsa verde. For those who are still hungry after their taco, Super Loco also do two desserts: Pastel de Maiz and, most excitingly, Super Churros seved with Mexican chocolate sauce.

3. Potato Wedges 'A La Chile Queso' – Muchos

For any vegetarian food fans out there that aren't really that hungry but still fancy having some Mexican food in their lives, there's Muchos. This eatery has a wide range of mains to offer from traditional Chimichangas and Chile con carne to street food inspired dishes including Enchiladas and Taquitos. However, it is their nibbles that are best for the peckish veggie. Not only is their Mexican Grilled Corn and salsa roja Fries, but also Potato Wedges with Chile con Queso. Deep-fried wedges, jalepeno cheese, pico de gallo: these wedges aren't like your typical nibbles and are sure to fill that hole in your tummy.

4. Ultimo Vegetarian Burrito – Baja Fresh Mexican Grill

How could we possibly write a Mexican meal piece without starring a massive burrito for those among you who could eat a horse… well, if you weren't vegetarian, of course. At Baja Fresh Mexican Grill there's plenty on offer, from Taco Platters to Quesadillas and Nachos to Churros. There are even party packs with up to twenty pieces available in some, despite the fact that even the individual meals are massive. For the famished veggies out there, there's the Ultimo Burrito, with melted cheese, rice, grilled vegetables, sour cream and any other vegetable you fancy. If you're still hungry after eating this monster burrito, you deserve a medal.

Vegetarian food is clearly permeating into menus all over Singapore, particularly those at Mexican restaurants. The only other thing we have to say about that is viva Mexico!

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