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4 Tip-Top Lentil Dishes for Vegetarians in Singapore

Singapore’s Celebrating Vegetarian Food With The Lentil And We Are Loving It!

Want some mouth-watering, filling vegetarian dishes that would seduce even your most carnivorous friends? Take a peek at this list of generously portioned lentil dishes that will have you feeling satisfied all day. Lentils are known to be an excellent substitute for meats as they're full of protein (and full of deliciousness). From Indian curries to dreamy soups, let Deliveroo take you on a trip through the vegetarian side of Singapore.

1. Moong Dhal Curry - Ali Bar Bar @ Bar Bar Black Sheep

Have your largest dose of protein today with this gigantic bowl of warm, creamy Moong Dhal Curry from Ali Bar Bar @ Bar Bar Black Sheep. This lentil-based curry is tossed in onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and a blend of aromatic Indian spices, all ready to be mopped up with some freshly-baked naan bread and supplemented with crunchy poppadoms and dips. This multi-talented restaurant not only offers the best of Western, Thai and North Indian cuisine, it assures the highest quality in all three, as their professionally-selected chefs are absolute masters of their respective genres. Don't wait to order in tonight – let your tummy take you on an adventure!

2. Mulligatawny Shorba - Patro's Bar and Restaurant

Nothing will give your taste buds quite the electric boost that Patro's legendary Mulligatawny Shorba does. Couple with a wide selection of soft, doughy breads and dip into a world of flavour each time you dunk a piece into this peppery and creamy lentil soup. Not only does this place specialise in authentic Indian dishes, it also offers you the best of Mexican cuisine and even some fusion meals! Check out their vegetarian sections and you won't be disappointed. Who needs meat when Patro's has your back?

3. Roasted Papad - Table by Rang Mahal

Everyone needs a nice bowl of crisp crackers to munch on as we watch our favourite shows after a long day. Another iron-boost for our vegetarian friends is Table by Rang Mahal's scrumptious Roasted Papad crackers, offered with three of their homemade dips. These authentic Indian lentil crackers are heavily seasoned with a powerful blend of spices to add to all that satisfaction. Order these crackers with their popular mashed yellow lentils to add even more lentil yumminess to the crisps.

4.  Kale Turmeric Lentil Soup - Toss & Turn

Toss & Turn's Kale Turmeric Lentil Soup will not only give you a heavy dose of protein, but a huge power-boost for the day! Snuggle up in front of your TV with a warm bowl of this creamy health-booster and dip some of their rustic artisan breads from their Toss & Turn bakery right into it for some lentil-soaked goodness. This one is true, comforting vegetarian food at its best.

4. Pizza Uthappam - Sangeetha Bhavan

If you're in a pizza-y mood and looking to get your hands on something new, why not go with a Pizza Uthappam from Sangeetha Bhavan? It may not be your typical pizza, but this dish is exactly what you need on a comfy night in. Similar to Dosa Crepes, Pizza Uthappam is a chunky pancake with encompassing a selection of delicious ingredients. Topped with fresh onions and tomatoes, this scrumptious pizza has thick rice and robust lentils baked directly into the crust to ensure every bite is overflowing with hypnotic flavours. Try one out today, you won't regret it!

There's no need to worry about finding Singapore's hidden vegetarian gems when Deliveroo can bring it right to your home!

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