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The Poke Bowl Craze is Welcoming Vegans to the Party

Vegan? There's no need to be left out of the poke bowl craze 

The word "poke" mean to slice or cut in native Hawaiian, but in food terms it's usually used to refer to fish. In fact, when you look up the poke bowl craze that's exploded worldwide in recent years, the definition is "fish salad". However, the term has expanded to encompass all kinds of sliced foods in the bowl – including an array of delicious veggies: great news for vegan and vegetarian food fans alike. Poke bowls are so much more than salads. They're inspired creations that can be mixed and matched to your tastes to leave you feeling refreshed. Oh, and here's where you can find the best vegan poke bowl varieties of them all.

1. Lil' Swell from Aloha Poke

Don't fancy a big meal? Lil' Swell from Aloha Poke will hit the spot without being too much. You can choose either a rice or salad mix then, to keep things vegan, throw tofu on top. There is then a vast array of delicious veggies that you can have sprinkled all over to keep things even more flavourful and fresh. Completely guilt-free and completely amazing. What more could you need?

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2. Avocado Poke from A Poke Theory

What do you get when you cross one vegan trend with another? Nope, this isn't a joke – the answer is "perfection". Avocado has been making the rounds in vegan circles for quite some time now, which is why it makes sense that it's the ideal addition to a poke bowl. At A Poke Theory, they combine the avo with sushi rice, a choice of Western or Asian veggies and even your choice of sauces. It's probably no coincidence that the name kind of rhymes with "apothecary" where they make medicine: this good stuff is as healthy as.

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3. Tofu & Mushroom Poke from Ohana Poke 

Tofu and mushroom are both key ingredients in a vegan diet. And at Ohana Poke, you get both! Choose how many scoops of the stuff you'd like alongside a choice of rice or salad and various chopped up veg. Take fusion food to the extreme by trying seaweed nori, kimchi or jalapenos in the bowl, or even a combination of all three. Poke bowls may have originated in Hawaii, but they blend seamlessly with Asian food, too. To find this delicious option, head to the "Build Your Poke" section of the menu. You can choose a small, regular or large bowl and then the rest of the ingredients from there. The ball (or should that be bowl?) is really in your court.

4. Grilled Vegetable Poke from KINKI

The extra-special poke bowls at KINKI are only available at lunchtime, but they're worth the treat. The Grilled Vegetable Poke bowl is an explosion of bright and wonderful colours – and you'll taste the fireworks in your mouth, too. Each layer is fresh, fragrant, delicious and vegan-friendly – everything your cruelty-free and health conscious foodie could ever need. Red rice, avocado, pumpkin and more blend together perfectly to make up every colour of the rainbow – as well as the perfect taste combination.

Veganism has exploded in Singapore with tasty dishes at restaurants everywhere – and Deliveroo is here to deliver them all!

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