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  2. Rich and hearty vegan cakes, tarts and more right here in Singapore
Rich and Hearty Vegan-Friendly Cakes and Desserts in Singapore

Rich and hearty vegan cakes, tarts and more right here in Singapore

When the sweet-tooth comes a-knocking, it must be satisfied no matter what diet you follow. For those sticking to their greens and maintaining a vegan diet, we've got you covered. Putting together some of the tastiest, richest and most indulgent vegan cakes, cupcakes, tarts and more, you're sure to find a treat that's just right for you in Singapore. Best of all? You won't believe that any of these sweet delights are all vegan-friendly! If you're ready to dig right in, check out our guide to some of the sweetest, most uplifting vegan-friendly sweets available on demand right here in the heart of Singapore.

1. Everyone's favourite Brownie, but better

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What's better than a Brownie that is completely guilt-free and perfectly suited to satisfy that pesky chocolate craving that comes your way? A chewy, dense and nut-filled brownie, totally egg and dairy-free, is a speciality over at Veganburg. This spot is a Valhalla of restaurants for those abiding by a vegan or vegetarian diet. With a menu packed with excitement, delicious recipes and overall healthy choices, everything at Veganburg is designed to provide the most beneficial variety of dishes without skipping out on any of the hypnotic flavours you crave. Veganburg's take on the classic brownie is out of this world. An incredibly indulgent treat to enjoy no matter where you are, get ready to dig into some choco-goodness.

2. Gluten-Free Molten Chocolate Cupcake for the most dedicated of vegans

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The Gluten Free Molten Chocolate Cupcake is as addictive as it sounds. A cupcake slice consisting of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, this molten beauty is a force to be reckoned with. The perfect way to end a meal, every bite of this decadent cupcake only brings you closer to that indulgent molten centre. Whoever said going vegan was tough has yet to try Delcie's Desserts & Cakes, a little piece of vegan heaven that will surely make your day.

The perfect spot for vegan dessert and cake lovers all over Singapore, Delcie's Desserts & Cakes is the place to go for those looking to get their hands on some of the city's best desserts.

3. Tofu Cheesecake- it exists and it's amazing!

A cosy little café with a big appetite for everything healthy, Genesis Vegan Restaurant presents a menu full of the tastiest vegan-friendly dishes near you. With a healthy twist on the classic cheesecake, Genesis make their very own version of the deliciously creamy and indulgent dessert using tofu, a whole new twist of excitement to a dish every cheese lover adores. With a soft crust made of a blend of nuts and dates in addition to the creaminess of the tofu, this restaurant has revolutionised the world of vegan desserts. A perfect dish to treat yourself to after a long day, Tofu Cheesecake is guaranteed to quickly become one of your all-time favourites. Be sure to get your hands on this delicious delight the next time you get a craving for some good ol' cheesecake!

4. Nourish Your Heart with some Real Food

Serving delicious teas, refreshing smoothies, juicy burgers and a great Asian fusion cuisine, Real Food has got it all. Their selection of smoothies, aptly named Real Serious Smoothies, feature three gorgeously tempting varieties. Nourish Your Heart is a fantastic mix of fresh avocados, cold pressed coconut oil, organic flaxseed oil, molasses and soy milk to produce a smoothie guaranteed to have you over the moon and back with the very first sip. A fantastic drink packed with healthy fatty acids, wrap your hands around this smoothie and "Nourish Your Heart" today!

For a serious dosage of heavy indulgence and absolutely delicious treats that are also vegan-friendly, pick your favourites and Deliveroo will bring them straight to your doorstep!

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