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  2. Fancy Some Almond Milk? Forget Meat with Singapore’s Vegan Almond Meals
Singapore’s Greatest Vegan Almond-Based Dishes

Fancy Some Almond Milk? Forget Meat with Singapore’s Vegan Almond Meals

These days, Vegan creations are getting more and more creative and we won't let you miss out on some of the most unique, nutritious and fun meals that this country has to offer. These inspirational dishes will remind you that going dairy- and meat-less in Singapore can be delicious too. From savoury soups to deliciously sweet desserts, show your friends how vegan alternatives can be fun and creative by ordering these insanely good dishes right to your door!

1. Almond Milk – Pure Zen Almond Milk Smoothie

When it comes to nutrition, freshness and health-smart choices, nothing beats Pure Juice. If you're looking to stock up on tasty, nutrient-rich goodies, you've come to the right place. Their Pure Zen smoothies feature a blend of ingredients that boast added benefits with the Hawthorn Berry, Papaya, Honey, Almond Milk Smoothie is a prime example – it's believed to be a great tonic for achieving smoother, brighter skin. Hawthorn berries, papaya and a dose of sweet honey are blended with almond milk to deliver the ultimate drink: healthy, beneficial and, of course, absolutely delicious, this and many of their other smoothies will soon become part of your daily order!

 2. Almond-Crumble Cheese – Zucchini Linguine

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One thing you might miss as a vegan is a good old cheesy meal, like a classically delicious plate of lasagne. Thanks to Afterglow, however, you never have to miss out! Their raw Zucchini Linguine consists of spiralized zucchini  drizzled with a tangy dehydrated cherry tomato sauce. To top it all off and make this dish absolutely irresistible, they add an incredibly creamy almond-crumble cheese. That's not all – for an extra protein kick, shiitake mushrooms and walnut-based 'meat' balls give you one truly filling nutritional boost.

3.  Almond Butter – Almond Noodles

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Bringing together the East and the West in a fantastic fusion of super-food goodies, Genesis Vegan Restaurant caters to all your healthy needs with a delicious assortment of nutrient-packed dishes and drinks. The Almond Noodle dish is an easy-to-eat creation packed with flavours to leave you full and satisfied any time of the day. Wholegrain noodles are smothered in a silky almond butter topping and mixed wonderfully with fresh cabbage, carrots, spicy red bell peppers as well as healthy yuba, or tofu skin, for that added protein bonus. With a whole world of flavour and benefits, you can't go wrong with this delicious delight.

4.  Dessert Story - Almond Paste

Dessert Story provides any sweet-craving vegans with some of the most exquisite and enticing hot and cold desserts to ensure that satisfactory smile sticks with you all day. The Almond Paste is something we guarantee you've never tried, acting as a smooth and creamy dessert that will definitely leave its mark. This dish makes for a fantastic alternative to everyday puddings, putting a whole new twist on a classic treat. Make sure to get your hands on this little marvel on your next almond venture!

Stay in tonight and let Deliveroo take you on a delicious ride through the vegan side of Singapore!

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